Athens Hoplite Unit - Chosen of Nike

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WGO-319b - Retail Price $49.95
Contains a total of 12 Athenian hoplites - 4 front rank, 4 middle-rank, and 4 rear-rank, 4 front-rank spear arms, 12 shields with a 'laurel wreath' motif, and 12 20mm Square bases.

Sculpted by Sculpted by Chris FitzPatrick Display models painted by D. Felicity FitzPatrick

28mm Heroic scale. Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled, some cleaning is required. Miniatures should be undercoated prior to painting. Not recommended for Children under 14 years of age. Made in the USA from Lead-free pewter.

The Chosen of Nike are warriors of surpassing strength and ability, the greatest athletes of their generation. Each man has won victories in contests of strength, agility, or speed at the festivals of Olympia, and all have earned the honor of wearing the laurel wreath of victory.

Additional Images:

Athens Chosen of Nike, front view

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