Athens Hoplite Unit - Companions of Theseus

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WGO-319a - Retail Price $49.95
Contains a total of 12 Athenian hoplites - 4 front rank, 4 middle-rank, and 4 rear-rank, 4 front-rank spear arms, 12 shields with a 'black ship' motif, and 12 20mm Square bases.

Sculpted by Sculpted by Chris FitzPatrick
Display models painted by D. Felicity FitzPatrick

28mm Heroic scale. Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled, some cleaning is required. Miniatures should be undercoated prior to painting. Not recommended for Children under 14 years of age. Made in the USA from Lead-free pewter.

When Theseus returned to Athens after killing the Minotaur, he sailed on a ship with black sails. After his death, his ship was made into a floating shrine, and when a plank was rotten or a nail rusted, it was always replaced with an exact replica. It floats in the harbor of Athens still, long after all of the ships of his time have been lost or sunk. Like his ship, so too have the men who fought alongside Theseus during his lifetime stayed together as a fighting force, called the Companions of Theseus, and as each man grew old too old to fight or died in battle, he was replaced by a warrior of his own choosing, often his own son or brother. In this way, the Companions of Theseus trace their direct lineage back to the famous band of warriors who fought alongside the first King of Athens.

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Athens Companions of Theseus, side view

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