Corinth Hoplite Unit - Suitors of Aphrodite

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WGO-323c - Retail Price $49.95
hoplites - 4 front rank, 4 middle-rank, and 4 rear-rank, 4 front-rank spear arms, 12 shields with shell and swan designs (the symbols of Aphrodite), and 12 20mm Square bases.

Sculpted by Sculpted by Todd Harris & Chris FitzPatrick Display models painted by D. Felicity FitzPatrick

28mm Heroic scale. Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled, some cleaning is required. Miniatures should be undercoated prior to painting. Not recommended for Children under 14 years of age. Made in the USA from Lead-free pewter.

The Suitors of Aphrodite are a band of young Corinthian men who have pledged themselves to the Temple of Aphrodite. They seek gold and glory for their priestesses, and are generously blessed when they return from campaign rich in plunder. Before battle, they are anointed with the sacred waters from the Akidalian Well, where the goddess herself is said to have bathed. All of their cares and troubles have been lifted from them, and they hasten to battle without any mortal fears.

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Corinth Suitors of Aphrodite, side view

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