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Wednesday - January 26, 2022

The Mother of Serpents is now available!

The Mother of SSSerpents is now available in the CROC STORE!

From the ruined temples of the island of Crete comes the beautiful and mysterious Mother of Serpents. She carries into battle her two beloved pets, venomous serpents whose bite can kill a man in seconds. The Mother of Serpents is a dangerous foe, shrugging off wounds that would kill mortal men... it is said she can even regenerate severed limbs! But her assistance comes with risk, for she is the servant of an unknown foreign god -- what price will she demand for her loyalty? Dare you add her to your warband?

We've also posted a 2-page excerpt from WarGods of Olympus, featuring the Mother of Serpent's rules and background. You can read up on her here:

Rules & Background

Mother of Serpents

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