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Friday - November 05, 2021

The Trojans Counterattack!

Troy Wave 2 is now available.

The Trojans are staging a counterattack! On the morning before the battle, the devout Trojans made a sacrifice on their War Altar to Zeus, and soon the battle commences. Led by man-killing Hector and his brother Paris, the Trojans wade into battle. Swift Trojan chariots driven by powerful heroes in heavy 'dendra' armor thunder across the dusty plain. The Trojan Seer has foreseen that today's fight will end in victory, but not without cost... the Tragic Hero is doomed to lose his life to win the day!

The Trojan Wave 2 is now available! Included in this release are the following miniatures:

Hector, Prince of Troy
Paris, Prince of Troy
Tragic Hero
Trojan Seer & Temple Guards
Trojan Chariot
Trojan War Altar

Check them all out HERE.

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