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Sunday - October 03, 2021

Olympus October - a WarGods community painting event!


We’re painting miniatures for “WarGods of Olympus” during the month of October. Join us and get a Limited Edition "Priestess of Eris” event miniature!

How to participate: If you are not already a member, join the WarGods community Facebook group:

1. On the pinned Olympus October event thread, introduce yourself and post a photograph of what you’ll be painting. It can be a character, unit, or monster, but it must be a Crocodile Games miniature from our WarGods of Olympus range. The photo must be unpainted to start with, but primed is OK. 2. Be sure to use the hashtag #OlympusOctober on your post. 3. You must post at least 1 update during the month, showing your progress. Be supportive of your fellow Olympians! 4. Fully paint your miniatures to the best of your ability, and post a completed photo by midnight on October 31st.

At the end, all participants who complete the challenge will receive a code redeemable in the Croc Store to add a Priestess of Eris miniature to any order over $10. One miniature per participant please. This is not a contest - let’s just have fun painting some minis, and get ready to battle in the coming year!

*The "Priestess of Eris" was planned as the event miniature for the year of 2020. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down our convention plans, and she was only available at a single event. We’re making her available to everyone online, and her miniature will play an important role in our campaign games planned for 2022. Join the forces of evil and add Eris to your warband - or fight for good and keep the Goddess of Discord safely locked away in your miniature case!

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