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Friday - April 02, 2021

Spartans Don’t Fight Fair

-the Spartan Kryptes is now available!

The Spartan Kryptes

Is your Spartan warband properly equipped to defeat your enemy? To be sure, you have hoplites and peltasts to spare, but is that enough? I'm going to let you in on a little secret - we Spartans do not win our battles by spear and shield alone. A poisoned camp water-supply, enemy messengers never arriving, an opposing commander with a throat cut on the eve of the battle -- these are the works of the mysterious Spartan Kryptes, the Silent Knives!

The Spartan Kryptes is a formidable addition to any Spartan force. Sculpted by Todd Harris, this 28mm assassin is a single piece and cast in lead-free pewter.

Available now from Crocodile Games –

Kryptes store listing

To read the rules for the Spartan Kryptes, click on this link to download a PDF of their page from the WarGods of Olympus rulebook:

Spartan Kryptes

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