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Tuesday - March 19, 2024

Croc Games at Adepticon

Crocodile Games will be at Adepticon this week, in Schaumburg, Illinois!

We'll have a booth in the vendor hall, packed with minis and with copies of WarGods of Olympus! We even have some of the Leather Edition remaining, and we'll be bringing them too. We'll be running demo sessions over the course of the weekend, for those who'd like to learn to play WarGods.

Adepticon Specials:

New for the show are the Mercenaries - a greek phalanx with all-different models, warriors from all over Hellas. Check out the pictures, they have unique helmets, shields, and armor decorations, but are all in a uniform pose giving them a cool regimented look. We’ll be making this unit available on the web store in the coming weeks as well.


Also making their debut are 2 new Blade Dancers, each with a pet cat. These battling babes are equipped with the twin Serpent Blades and the Staff. You can download the rules for them in Croc Tales issue 4, available here: Croc Tales

Blade Dancers

We also have a limited number of the ‘Hungry Li’l Croc’ Nipper from out Thanksgiving sale last year, and we’ll be giving them away with all purchases over $50, while supplies last.

Hungry Croc

Oh, and do you have a copy of all of our books yet? If not, you should definitely stop by the booth, as we’re going to have an AMAZING book sale going on!

See you at Adepticon!

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