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Thu, Oct 06, 2022:

After a long absence, we are happy to announce that the Hydra is back in-stock and available for purchase!

The Hydra miniature was sculpted by Chris FitzPatrick, and measures roughly 5.5 inches long (or about 140mm). It is a multi-part resin kit, and contains 5 heads, 1 body, 2 legs, 1 tail, 1 resin scenic base, and 1 laser-cut wood gaming base. The miniature has been molded and cast by the resin experts at Trenchworx, and they did a great job capturing the serpentine detail of the original sculpt. The miniature is supplied unpainted, and require some assembly.

You can get yours now, in the Croc Online Store.

Hydra scale reference

The above photo shows the size of the Hydra next to a 28mm miniature.

Oh yeah, do you need a Golden Fleece for your Hydra to guard? We have one of those too!

The Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece is also available HERE.

Mon, Aug 01, 2022: Croc Booth #3044

Croc Games is ready for GenCon - we've loaded the truck with more goodies than a Basti Camp-Wagon, and we've masked-up like Warhawks and Necropolis Guard! Come find us at the show!

We'll be sharing space with our friends at the Pulp Figures

Booth, #3044

Click here for the full version of the GenCon map:


We'll be having a convention special on all miniatures, buy 4 packs and get a 5th pack for free! We'll also have the WarGods of Olympus rulebook available in both standard Hardcover and also the 'rich Corinthian Leather' Collector's Edition! And there will be lots of painted display miniatures and terrain to see.

There will also be a WarGods event at 6:00 on Saturday night - "Showdown in the Garden of Discord". Bring your WarGods warband and join in the mayhem, or just stop by and watch the carnage!

If you'll be in Indy, be sure to stop by and say hello!

Sun, Jul 10, 2022: Crocodile Games will be making an unavoidable price increase on most metal miniatures on Friday, July 15.

We’ve held off as long as possible - it has been many years since we’ve had to raise prices. However, the last year has seen the cost of casting metal skyrocket, and we have no alternative to raise the prices of miniatures accordingly. Orders placed before Friday July 15 will be filled at the current prices. Thanks to everyone for your understanding on this.

Chris & Felicity Crocodile Games

Wed, Feb 09, 2022:
Rise of the Crocodile Queen

Croc Games got its start way back in 2001, and we've been making miniatures for 20 years! To celebrate this milestone, we're going back to where it all began: Aegyptus! Specifically, the Sebeki - the crocodile-headed followers of the god Sobek. Chris FitzPatrick has sculpted a bunch of new miniatures for the Sebeki for WarGods of Aegyptus, such as the formidable "Queen of the Crocodiles" and the "Sebeki Flingers", and even more cool croc-themed models to go along with them. Help Crocodile Games make these new miniatures a reality!

WarGods miniatures are 28mm 'heroic' scale, compatible with the vast majority of tabletop gaming miniatures and scenery available today. In the past, Chris FitzPatrick has designed miniatures for Ral Partha (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons), Games Workshop (Warhammer Fantasy Battle & 40k, Mordheim), and created the Pathfinder metal miniature range for Paizo Publishing. This range of miniatures fits right alongside his past work, and matches them in scale, detail, and animation.

Our miniatures are created in the "Old School" way - an original sculpture is hand-made using a 2-part epoxy putty - this finished sculpt is called a 'green'. We then make a mold from this green to produce pewter miniatures with immaculate detail. Some larger models are produced in resin.

All figures are supplied unpainted and unassembled, with plastic slotted bases included.

The Rise of the Crocodile Queen kickstarter is now live until March 6. Head on over to the Kickstarter Page to become a backer!

Wed, Jan 26, 2022: The Mother of SSSerpents is now available in the CROC STORE!

From the ruined temples of the island of Crete comes the beautiful and mysterious Mother of Serpents. She carries into battle her two beloved pets, venomous serpents whose bite can kill a man in seconds. The Mother of Serpents is a dangerous foe, shrugging off wounds that would kill mortal men... it is said she can even regenerate severed limbs! But her assistance comes with risk, for she is the servant of an unknown foreign god -- what price will she demand for her loyalty? Dare you add her to your warband?

We've also posted a 2-page excerpt from WarGods of Olympus, featuring the Mother of Serpent's rules and background. You can read up on her here:

Rules & Background

Mother of Serpents

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