Faction: Eater Of the Dead

The Creeping Darkness

Evil, wicked, perverse, depraved: words used to describe The Eater Of The Dead, but words that fail, for it is a darkness beyond such things. In truth, its nature defies description; its intentions defy comprehension; its very existence defies understanding. The Creeping Darkness is no god or demon, but a being from beyond the worlds we know and far more ancient.

Beyond where Atlantis once lay was a city of crystal spires. In the tales of the far-ranging Sea-Peoples, the distant city is called Uorath-Gai, Forsaken of the Gods; and in the Forsaken City, The Eater Of The Dead was first loosed into the world to satisfy its insatiable appetite. In that cursed place, a nihilistic cult arose among the decadent, corrupt inhabitants. The initiates of the cult were dedicated to extinction, not only their own, but that of all the living. Life was no more than endless days of ennui for those cult members. To them life was exhausted and sucked dry of all its vitality. It was like an old man gumming his food, and gibbering about long-dead acquaintances and long-past times and it was long past time for life to be mercifully ended. In Uorath-Gai the cultists dreamed of oblivion.

As high as the city's gleaming spires of faceted crystal reached into the air, the city's lower levels descended even deeper into the earth. Those subterranean vaults and galleries were interconnected by dark tunnels to form a sprawling catacomb beneath the city. In this dark catacomb, the black cult met in secret and practiced its dark rites. In time its high masters learned magic steeped in occult lores known only to those of the Forsaken City devised their apocalyptic plan for life's end.

In the lowest chamber of the catacombs was an immense, high vaulted space, rough-hewn from bedrock of the city. Here, with their magic and the toil of a thousand slaves, they sank a well deep into the earth. The deeper they delved into the chthonic depths, the more it shimmered with a dark, purple iridescence. The high masters proclaimed that the iridescent glow was proof that they drew near to their final purpose. With each passing hour, as the well bore ever deeper, the cult's wild rites sank further into depravity. Their writhing bodies carpeted the floor of the chamber in an orgy of ecstatic screams and lustful moans, of mutilated flesh and foaming mouths. All the while, the high masters presided over the rite. They lashed their slaves to greater labors. They brought themselves to the very brink of collapse with their sorcerous workings.

Finally, like bubbles of sulfurous air emerging from a pit of tar, an alien essence rose from the well and burst into the chamber, releasing a vile putrescence - a lambent presence burning with a monstrous luminosity into the world. Oozing forth from the well, the otherworldly foulness smothered and choked the cult members. It seeped into their hearts and caused their blood to run like molten iron in their veins. They died consumed by horrible anguish, their bodies wracked by bone breaking convulsions, their nails tearing at their flesh to dig the foulness from their breasts. But in death, they did not find the numbing embrace of oblivion awaiting them. Instead they found suffering and anguish.

They rose from death, their essence corrupted, as the first undead servants of the Creeping Darkness. As their followers screamed, died, and were horribly reborn, the exhausted high masters of the cult strove to erect sorcerous protections against the awful death and obscene rebirth happening around them. Despite their arcane efforts, the alien essence seeped through their wards and insinuated itself into their souls. Unlike the others, the high masters were not slain - they were transformed.

They became the first Necromancers of The Eater Of The Dead, living conduits of its foul power and heralds of its coming. The newly initiated Necromancers led their undead horde out of the catacombs and into the streets of Uorath-Gai. They slaughtered the hapless denizens of the Forsaken City. Then, when none were left to be killed, they took their leave of that far-off place to bring death to all the world.

What that cult had penetrated was a place, a prison, or may hap a haven out of space and out of time. And residing in that place was a being, ancient of days, which would come to besiege the world and be known as The Eater Of The Dead.

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