Faction: Typhon

The Children of Set

The Typhon are a cunning and predatory race, who are masters of the red deserts of Ægyptus. The entirety of their being is shaped to withstand the ravages of the dusty, barren wastes. Long, square ears stand straight up from their crimson-skinned heads, and they can hear a distant viper slithering its way across the sand. They have reptilian maws filled with sharp teeth for rending their prey's flesh, no matter how tough the hide or lean the carrion. Their gleaming eyes are the hue of a bloody sunset, and with those eyes the Typhon can see clearly on moonless nights. They are possessed of surpassing stamina and incredible strength. They can spend long nights running across the dunes, never pausing to rest, or rip the fiercest lion limb from limb with steely claws and dagger-sharp teeth. The sinewy body of a Typhon is taut with tension like a hunter's bow drawn back for the kill... as if he is forever expecting attack, and craved the moment when he will be able to slay his foe.

The voice of a Typhon is a belligerent bray, filled will contempt and malice. The Typhon harass and bully the other Children of the Gods. They are proud of their strength and deadliness, and have no respect for their fellow Children. Only the Typhon can withstand the rigors of the desert, and all others - dwelling close to the Nile or at oases, eating grains only fit for fattened cattle - are disgustingly soft and worthy of their contempt. If they detect even a hint of fear in others, the Typhon become harshly jeering. Their abuse is not clever like the Basti's. It is brutal and coarse, filled with threats and violence. A Typhon always seems on the brink of furious anger - as if the fury that burns in his heart is only barely contained. It could pour forth at a moments notice, driving him into a murderous frenzy.

Beyond their physical prowess, the Typhon are extraordinarily cunning and deceitful. Sheer stamina and strength is not enough in their cruel, merciless world. To survive, any advantage must be garnered. They set clever traps to capture their prey, and construct ingenious ambushes to slaughter their enemies. If fighting in their desert and given time to prepare, the Typhon are nigh unbeatable.

The Children of Set do not accept surrender. A battle is ended when their enemy is dead, his blood irrigating the lifeless sands. In their harsh desert environs, there is no place for mercy. The predatory Typhon know no forgiveness. To the Typhon, the matter is simple: enemies must be slain by whatever means necessary, so that they never threaten again. Set is the master of the desert and lord of the night skies; the scourge of the weak and murderer of impotent Osiris. The pitiless Typhon are the proper children of their dark god.

History & Society

The fertile banks of the Nile River are a small strip of life-sustaining fields in a land dominated by harsh, unforgiving deserts. Outside the Nile's banks and the rare oasis large enough to provide sustenance for a permanent settlement, few of the Children dwell. Since the first days of Ægyptus, it is this immense desert of wind-swept sands - barren lands ill-suited for life - that the Typhon have called their own.

Just as the desert has shaped the body of the Typhon, so too has it shaped their society. The weak do not survive for long in the desert, and are a liability to any who would live there. For this reason, the Typhon abhor weakness, and are led by the most clever and strong of their race. But a leader of the Typhon is not allowed to become complacent in his position. He is constantly challenged by those who follow him, and must forever prove himself to be the most fit to lead.

Those who are considered unable to withstand the rigors of the desert are not cared for by others. Instead, they are cast out to fend for themselves however they may. Most often, these bitter and forlorn Typhon - those few that survive - take up residence in the cities of Ægyptus. Among the soft-fleshed dwellers of the Nile, even the weakest Typhon is powerful and menacing, and they quickly come to take advantage of this for their own gain.

The Typhon exult in hunting and killing, and do not limit their prey to beasts. All beings in their desert, whether lion, barbarian, or Aegyptian are considered to be potential prey. The Typhon wear the badges of their conquests - the fangs of mighty prey, or tufts of hair taken from fallen enemies as testaments to their prowess.

Despite their blood thirst and though they are loathed by many, the Typhon have an important role in Ægyptus. The endless deserts that surround the Land of the Nile are like a vast bulwark against the land's enemies. And roaming these bulwarks, standing watch against attackers, are the savage and fierce Typhon.

Allies & Adversaries

The Typhon hate the Heru with a passion that surpasses understanding. It is a hatred beyond rational comprehension. Since the first days of Ægyptus, the two races have hated each other, and they will always hate each other. The Typhon forever seek to humiliate and embarrass the stoic Heru, whether in battle or otherwise. Only in the most dire circumstances, against the most evil of menaces, will the two races fight together. In such battles, the Typhon never cease to question the Heru's tactics. At every opportunity, they attempt to outdo the Children of Horus and prove they are superior warriors.

Near the civilized lands of the Nile, the two races are forced by the dictates by the Code of Ma'at to coexist - if not peacefully, then at least without slaughter. It is another matter in the deserts, far from the Nile and away from the prying eyes of the other Children of the Gods. When the two races meet in Set's domain, there is only one outcome: bloody battle. No mercy is given nor expected by the warriors of either side. Just as the battles between the twins, Horus and Set, are the stuff of legends, so too are the battles between their Children.

Way of War

Before a battle, a favorite tactic of the Typhon is for a small group of warriors to taunt their enemies, rattling their swords against their shields and shouting jeers across the battlefield. While these warriors distract the foe, the remaining Typhon silently stalk through the desert. They come as near to the enemy as possible, then shout blood-curdling war cries and attack. They have little reverence for what is honorable, and will use any means to attain their ends. The Typhon prefer to begin a battle at night. Set is the lord of the night skies, and the Typhon see better in darkness than any other race.

In battle, the Typhon utilize clever ruses to get the best of their opponents. While their opponents are off balance, they engage them in hand-to-hand combat with unmatched ferocity. They prefer to fight with the khopesh, a sword with a curved blade and forged of bronze, or else a hunting spear, the sacred weapon of dark Set. Foot soldiers often carry javelins, which they hurl at the enemy before entering melee. The fiery desert Sun quickly makes metal armor unbearably hot, and so the Typhon often wear leather armor made from the stiffened hide of a beast they have slain. They make extensive use of chariots, so that they can move swiftly across the desert and attack their enemies on their undefended flanks with spears and javelins. They frequently organize their archers into skirmish units, harassing the enemy with withering missile fire and then retreating before the enemy can close.

When the battle is done, the Typhon quickly loot the dead and slay the wounded. They consider it a great mercy to grant a quick death to the wounded - including their own. The desert is a harsh land, and though the crippled and maimed may live painfully for a time, they will not survive for long. Once finished, the Typhon swiftly leave the field of battle, disappearing into the desert and leaving no trace of their passage.

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