WarGods of Hyperborea

There is a Greek legend that tells of a frozen land at the top of the world, a place many days sail beyond the most northerly human settlement. Here the cold sea is studded with floating mountains of ice, turning the waters into a frothing tempest that can crush the hulls of the strongest ships and freeze the bodies of the unfortunate sailors who dared to sail there. The land beyond the frozen sea is Ultima Thule: The Land of Farthest North. A great ring of frozen mountains surround this land whose peaks are impossibly high and whose slopes are steep and treacherous. The legend says that these mountains hide a warm, rich valley, where in times before the coming of man the Old Gods forged the world on great anvils of unbreakable stone, and all living things were there created and promptly forgotten. In this mysterious valley the magical treasures of the Old Gods abound and fantastic creatures never dreamed of by man roam. The valley is called Hyperborea-the Land Beyond the North Wind.

Hyperborea is one of the many lands that exist in the world of WarGods. It lies at the top of the world, many months journey from the warm lands of Ægyptus or Olympus. Each setting in the WarGods universe take place at the same time, and the raiding Wendigo forces are not shy about making their presence known in the lands of Olympus and Ægyptus.

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