Wargods of Olympus

It is the ancient world. From their prison deep beneath the earth came the Titans & terrible monsters with a burning hatred for mankind. Only the Demigods had the strength to stand against them. Half divine, they possessed both the power of the gods and the passions of their mortal heritage. From the backs of chariots they led legions of men, armed with bronze shields and shining spears. In the shadow of Mount Olympus, the Demigods and Titans made war.

Welcome to Olympus! A game steeped in history and mythology of the ancient Greece. WarGods of Olympus is our second expansion in the WarGods universe, where the Demigods of great Greek legend battle between themselves and the mighty forces of the Titans for control.

Each setting in the WarGods universe take place at the same time, where mighty battles are fought not only amongst the powerful Demigods of Greece, but also against the invading forces of Ægyptus and Hyperborea!

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