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Multiple Weapons:

Q: When a unit (or character) has multiple weapons and/or shields, when do you decide the weapon will be used?

A: The owning player decides what equipment (weapons and/or shields) will be used when the unit is activated. If an earlier action would require the unit to decide before its activation, then it must keep that choice for the rest of the turn. Example: if a unit with double-handed weapons and shields was fired upon by a archer unit, then the player would have to decide to use the shield or not before rolling his Armor Save. If he chooses to use the shields, then the unit cannot use the double-handed weapons when it activates later in the turn.

When a unit engages in melee, it must retain the equipment choice for the duration of the melee. All models in a unit must use the same weapons/armor.

Counting Javelins:

Q: When a unit is equipped with javelins, do you keep a record of the total for the unit or can the unit only use them three times irrespective of how many in the unit fire on each attempt? - For example, a unit of ten warriors (armed with javelins) is in 2 ranks of five. Does the unit fire three volleys of five (representing the front rank using their allotted number) OR can the unit continue firing in volleys of five until they have fired 30 javelins in total (3 x 10 warriors)?
If so, how is the "tally" affected by casualties??

A: A unit equipped with javelins may throw the javelins a total of three times, regardless of how many individual models are permitted to fire. Normal rules are followed for firing units (only front two ranks for units in block, all models for units in skirmish, etc.).

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