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A character in a unit that has been issued a "Set for Charge" command makes one attack with the Set for Charge bonus before the Charging unit attacks, and then makes any additional attacks (with no modifier) after the Charging unit has made their attacks.

If the character is equipped with a weapon not eligible for the "Set for Charge" command, their unit makes their Set for Charge attacks, after which the Chargers make their attacks, and then finally the Character will make their attacks with no modifier.

Rout Saves:

When a unit (we'll call it unit A) contacts -- via Charge, Advance or Fast Advance -- another unit that has Set For Charge (we'll call it unit B ), unit B makes all their allowed attacks. If unit A has suffered enough casualties that it is required to make a Rout Save, one must be taken before it can make its own attacks against unit B.

Set for Charge unit vs. Flank and Front:

Unit A has been issued Set for Charge. Unit B Charges unit A in the flank. As long as unit A passes their Disorder Save (and possible Rout Save for casualties), they may still Set for Charge against Unit C which is charging them from the front. Unit A will Set for Charge, but those figures in base to base contact with unit B will make their attacks against Unit B instead of against the Charging unit C.

For this example figure - Unit A and C are facing each other with unit B facing the left flank of Unit A.

AAAAA . . . . BB
AAAAA . . . . BB


Advance and Fast Advance:

If you play an Advance or a Fast Advance against a unit that is Set For Charge, the "set" unit can still interrupt the Advance/Fast Advance, just like you had Charged. The Set for Charge command applies to all attackers that come into base contact with the unit's front.

A unit with a Set For Charge against an Advancing unit would not get any bonus to their Attack Rating, and neither would the attacking unit when they get their attacks.

A Set for Charge against a unit with a Fast Advance command would receive the usual bonus of +1 to their Attack Rating, just as if they had been Charged. The Fast Advancing unit would not receive the Charge Bonus to their Attack Rating when they got their attacks.

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