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Counter-charge without Charge:

A Counter-charge may also be declared against an enemy unit, character or chariot that uses a Fast Advance Counter to move into melee combat with a unit with an unplayed Charge Command Counter. The Counter-charge can only be declared if the Fast Advancing unit would come into base-to-base contact with the charging unit. In this case, the Counter-charge is conducted normally, but only the charging unit receives the Charge Bonus.

Declaring a Counter-charge:

You must reveal your Counter-charge as soon as your opponent has revealed his charge against your unit. No waiting until he's measured to see if he will make it.

How to conduct a Charge

What follows are clarifications on how to measure and conduct a Charge. These rulings replace previous FAQ rulings on the subject:

Measuring a Charge: When determining if a unit is within Charge range, the distance is measured from the nearest point of the Charging unit to the nearest point of the target unit, within the Charging unit’s forward Charge arc.

Charge model placement: A unit that charges another unit must bring as many of it's own front-rank models into full base-to-base contact with the enemy unit as is possible, according to the movement allowed by their forward charge arc.

Charge/Countercharge: In the case of a Charge & Countercharge, each unit will attempt to move into base-to-base contact with the center of the opposing unit.

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