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Change of Facing:

Q: I have a column 3 models wide and 4 models long. If I perform a Face Right, am I now in a Block 4 wide and 3 long? Or do I "swing around" so that the Column is facing 3 wide to the right?

A: The unit would, by default, become a Block in that situation. However, you may redress your lines to change the number of columns and ranks when you Face Right (see below).


Q: Can I perform multiple actions in a Reform? i.e. Face Right and Form Column?

A: You may combine a change of formation and a change of facing, but only one of each. Both occur simultaneously.

Form Column:

When you Reform into Column formation, you may move the leading troops in the unit up to -- but no further than -- the unit's Fast Advance speed. (i.e., 10" for troops with a MV of 5, etc.).

Note that because any other use of a Reform counter requires that the center of the new formation remains the same as the center of the old formation, the lead troops of a unit leaving Column formation will step backward into their places in the new formation.

In all cases, the unit's Captain, Standard Bearer and Musician (if any) will always end up as the lead troops in the unit.

Since, as stated above, the change of facing and change of formation allowed by a single Reform command occur simultaneously, a unit may not Form Column and receive the Fast Advance movement in any direction but forward -- though the final formation can end up facing left/right (becoming a block) or forward/backward (remaining a Column) once movement stops.

Explanation: The rule for Forming Column in the book states, "The models of one edge advance forward", while the FAQ clarifies that you "move the leading troops of the unit". Since the change of facing does not happen before the change of formation (but rather during it), the original leading troops are the only ones that can be considered leading troops at the beginning of the Reform action. And as the book and FAQ both state, they move forward.

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