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Nebseni Hammerhand
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Posted: Wednesday, Jan 19, 2011 at 4:02 PM
Looking for ways of coping with harbingers of Isis and Thoth with Ka 2 letting them cast firey aspect and winds freedom, an almost unstoppable combination.

Do spells with an area of effect covering the whole battlefield such as cloudburst affect the inside of a provocation?

Lord of Storms : The wording is "the storm will dispel any fire based power that it is centered on and can prevent any such powers being used in the area of effect with a successful Arcane test against the caster. These include the suns firey fist, the scorched earth, burning brands and arrows ablaze"

The wording 'will' and 'can' could imply that if the power is centered on a target then the fire based power will be automatically dispelled, but that if it is only in the area of effect, then it can be dispelled by making an the arcane test, or does an arcane test need to be made in both cases? (I work with technical documents and standards, and they draw a clear distinction between words like 'will' or 'must' and 'can' or 'may'.)

Does the storm extend outside a provocation?

For reference, I am assuming using the power once locked in provocation with a harbinger of Isis or Thoth with Firey Aspect active.

Further question to do with Savage Bite : On a roll of 10 to hit, the harbinger bites off whatever limb they have hit, referring to the injury table on P223. Most of the results are self explanatory but there are a few that could do with clarification : 5-7 Body : Character loses 1 wound point : is this in addition to the wound caused by the successful attack? 10 Head : Character killed : I'm assuming this is the case : Only a 1% chance, but fun to get.

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Posted: Wednesday, Jan 19, 2011 at 7:43 PM Edited on 2011-01-19 19:44:08.0
If there is no reply before Cancon, these are the rulings that I will be making:

Spells with area of effect (whether covering the whole battlefield or a specified zone) DO NOT affect the inside of a provocation if cast from outside the provocation, if a spell is already in play (e.g. Spiky Ground) and provocation is entered within the zone of the spell it does affect the combatants), conversely, spells with area of effect that are cast from within the provocation do not affect anything outside of the provocation.

Lord of storms: I read this as saying that 1) All fire-based power currently in play is dispelled; and 2) If a model tries to cast a fire-based spell whilst in the area of Lord of Storms then an Arcane test is made to prevent the attempt - essentially if it is already in play, it is dispelled, if it is not already in play there is an opportunity to dispel at the point of casting.

I'll have to double-check the wording on provocation, but off the top of my head I would say that Lord of Storms does not affect anything outside the provocation if cast within.

Savage Bite: I'll have to double-check the wording, but off the top of my head I would say that a roll of 5-7 they lose an additional wound, and a roll of 10 kills the model outright (please note that I am assuming that it specifies man-sized models only here)

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