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Posted: Saturday, Nov 16, 2013 at 11:11 AM Edited on 2013-11-16 19:15:57.0
So during the KickStarter I gathered all the disparate figures I've got knocking around in the Shed with a view to putting them into a coherent whole. They're from different companies and have proxyed in as various units as the Olympus rules have evolved.

I've ended up with a 2000 point Mycenaean Army lead by Agamemnon himself!

My gaming time is pretty squeezed so I thought I'd aim to have it done by the time the Rulebook and a bunch of Corinthians arrive!

However it's taken me this long to post a picture so I'm not sure even that is a realistic target!

As you can see there is plenty still to do, the gaps are where I'm waiting for figures from the KS, in this case musicians, champions and another honour guard. I'm hoping posting this up might give me the nudge I need to get stuck in, I'll update my progress when there is some

From Left to right the units are/will be as follows;

Back row 1 and 3; These two units represented Spartan Helots armed with slings and swords at the last Wargods of Canterbury Tournament. I've always fielded Mycenaean war bands however access to the cheap helots made me switch to a Hades/Spartan combo in favour of the usual Artemis/Satyrs/Mycenaeans. I got a few more units for my points and ended up placing 6th rather than languishing in the second half of the table.

Since then the Croc tales updates have made generic missile troops available to both factions, hence the return to golden Mycenae and mighty walled Tyrins. In this warband they'll be used as slingers (unit 1) and archers (unit 2). For unit 1 this means a repaint for 1 figure as the rest never made it past the undercoat stage and an arm swap to make a musician. Unit two requires all the figures to have arm and head swaps, I decided to give this lot helmets to further differentiate them from the slingers, if you look closely you can see I've done 1 figure, just to see what they might look like. In addition they'll also have a musician.

Back row 2 and 4; Two units of15 Hoplites, including a musician and led by a champion; unit 4 will have the army standard. I've had these figures for a long time, unit 4 is close to completion, 12 of the figures finished ages ago for the phalanx. Consequently I've never bought a starter set, this means I'm waiting for musicians and champions from the KS and converting a hoplite into the army standard bearer, I've taken my inspiration from the illustration in Croc Tales of an Athenian standard bearer, flag and mounted shield rather than the skull of a Titan (although that sculpt is great). You can just see him in the image above.

Back row 5; the final unit are Spartan peltasts; recruited as allies for my original Mycenaeans, their base colours are on but I never quite got around to finishing them. As there will be Mycenaean peltasts at some point, they may get replaced eventually, but for now I like the idea of having a Laconic contingent.

Front row 1 and 5; Titan Hunters! the first in red is painted by Rob AKA Thunderlord, and was a prize at one of the tournaments, John AKA FrothThoth thought he'd see more action in my warband and kindly donated him, he really is well painted. The other in blue is my own long serving monster slayer. These are the only 2 units finished as I started the project, actually they are still the only 2 finished.

Front row 2,3 and 4; Agamemnon and his honour guard. As I've never had a starter pack (already owned too many hoplites to justify the purchase when it came out) I don't have the figure. In recent demos and games down at Red Knight Wargames we've been using the Agamemnon rules, brilliant to playso I thought I'd convert an old Demi God of Hades to match the fluff/rules. As you can see so far all I've really done is swap in a spear and bluetac a shield to his arm, there is plenty more to come but I wanted to get a unit of troops of two finished before I get on to the leader.

His honour guard will be represented by a couple of Cyclops; I've always thought the Cyclops would play a part as legend says they built the walls of Tyrins, so it makes sense to me to have a couple in the warband. As you'll see 1 is currently represented by an empty base. The other is holding a standard, he is the beginning of yet another project I've never got around to finishing. Originally I'd planned to have a unit of 6 using the Sebeki stats but switching movement in swamps for movement in rocky ground. At the time I wanted to add a unit to the hoplites in my warband and I still like the idea, I got hold of a Heresy figure to have a crack at remodelling it about 3 years ago. The plan was to do one and if it went well get hold of another five and maybe a champion, there is only one sculpt so it's quite an investment of time. I never actually got round to starting until, inspired by the KS, I managed to get this one filed, chopped and stuck together.

So that's it, I feel like this will be the final stage of a war band that's evolved sporadically over the last few years.

There has been some progress since the photos were taken;

Cyclops has had putty added and paint job on the figure (not the standard) is almost finished.

The archer unit have all had their head/arm swaps and their base colours completed.

The remaining hoplites for unit 4 have had some work done on their painting and the standard bearer has been converted and received his base colours.

Not a lot of progress, be interesting to see if I can have this lot ready for the release of the rules.

My initial target is to have the two and a half units that I've started finished by Christmas.

Thanks for looking, more news as it happens...



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Posted: Tuesday, Nov 19, 2013 at 11:58 PM
That's a lot of Myceneans! I like the Idea of the Cyclops Honor Guard.


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