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Posted: Friday, Dec 03, 2010 at 3:32 AM Edited on 2010-12-03 04:04:39.0
Greetings all,

Sorry for the delay with this; just a few photos from the tournament in Canterbury. In between removing Mummy casualties I managed to snap far fewer than I should have - there was such a tremendous display of quality miniatures and gaming!

Canterbury T1 2010" Tournament

Canterbury T 2010" Tournament 2

SlowLoris Greeks V Shadowaxe EotD" SlowLoris Greeks V Shadowaxe EotD

More Greeks and Undead goodness" More Greeks

Minos leads the Spartan advance" Minos leads the Spartan advance

Spartan Line" Spartan Line

Cheers, Paul

Edited to get poxy photos to load

Ax - Hunting Doom-mongery in miniature

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Posted: Friday, Dec 03, 2010 at 11:12 AM
Great looking mini's & tournie!

I have that same Bull, but painted Bronze. Does he represent SlowLoris' Get of Cerberus?

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Posted: Friday, Dec 03, 2010 at 1:11 PM
Did anyone else take some photos?

The Sundered Phalanges of Doom
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Posted: Sunday, Dec 05, 2010 at 8:06 AM
Great looking mummies and spartans! Also, nice job on the bull... I've gotta get me one of those.


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Posted: Monday, Dec 06, 2010 at 4:16 PM
Thanks for the pics! That bull DOES look pretty awesome, whose was it?


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Posted: Wednesday, Dec 08, 2010 at 3:12 PM
The Greeky Cow belongs to SlowLoris

Ax - Hunting Doom-mongery in miniature

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Posted: Saturday, Jan 22, 2011 at 7:25 AM Edited on 2011-01-23 13:51:30.0
Greetings Lads

Thanks for complimenting my handywork, I originally got the bull as an extra unit to use in our games; the initial idea was to use Beloved stats but switch the ability to move freely in marsh/water for rocky/broken ground. However since then there has been some discussion on the forum and others have some far more interesting ideas; have a look at Akori's Fire Breathing Brass Bull!

I brought the Bull along to the 2009 Tourni and put 'somewhere' for safe keeping on the day and lost track of it! In 2010 I managed to forget to bring a minotaur, but the bull turned up in FrothThoth's figure case (where I'd put it the year before) and so on this occasion was proxying in for the two horned, two legged axe wielding maniac!

The get of Cerebus was represented by a three headed sabretooth tiger from Malifaux although there are many alternatives while we wait for an official release. You can see him on the third and fourth pictures down getting stuck into Paul's Harb.

To the day itself, I had a brilliant time as ever, here's a very brief summary.

Round 1. Myself and Shadowaxe went treasure hunting in lush swamplands and the Greeks managed to narrowly win due to being a bit swifter on their feet. At close of play the game was really getting interesting, the demigod, minotaur, get and strategos had managed to move very swiftly into combat with most of the undead (picture 3 above is the turn following picture 4) while the Hoplites steadily approached! However we never got to see the result due to a later than planned start; the Spartans had not had a great deal of sleep before their arrival and the Undead were a little hung over! The Bell and Crown strikes again!

Round 2. An all Spartan Derby! Myself and Minos clashed Hades versus Zeus, another brilliant game,what a bloodbath! Our task was to grab a Mercenary in the middle of the board and get him off our opponents edge of the table! This was a belter of a game and bodes very well for the full release of Olympus. At Ka 5 we both had all our available powers; my Hoplites got fried by the chariot mounted demigod's lightening bolts, however by using spectral form I managed to get my own demigod into provocation (but not before softening my target up with the Get of Cerebus). Meanwhile all units were locked in combat in the middle of the battlefield, leaving a tiny gap for my Strategos to collect the mercenary and bolt for the edge of the table and win the game! However I lost the final edge roll significantly and had to take 12 javelins which took my last wound until I used my final Ka point to reroll and pass my armour save. Then I was charged and caught by Minos'remaining Hoplites; the Strategos survived but could not break free! If I'd have only lost the edge roll by a little less I might have just pulled it off! One of the best games of Wargods I've played despite (or possibly because of) my army getting shredded, really top notch.

Round 3. The traditional dustup! I attempted to take on Martin's armoured Sebeki, my plan; knock out the Harb! I used every trick I could think of... I've discovered I need to think of a few more tricks!!! As you can imagine trying to punch through three lines of the big green fellas was never going to be easy and I would have really struggled to take the Top Lad down, in fact he made short work of the Get, Minotaur and Hero that I threw in! However a very enjoyable, if crushing defeat!

Post match punditry. This year I decieded to have a go with the Spartans, although with a contingent of Myceneans and the access to a couple of extra units makes for a more viable army. Switching Artemis out for Hades also makes a big difference, swaping expensive Satyrs out for a free Get of cerebus proved to be a winner (although I didn't actually win much and those druken bums make for some entertaining games). Possibly most significant, Spectral form, the ability to safely get your DemiGod to exactly where you want him and then pounce should keep your opponent on their toes and in the second round stopped the rampaging lightening bolt throwing of Minos! After using a Minotaur last year I'd planned to take two this year but eshewed this as they'll be as likely to knuckle each other as the enemy. I feel the Greeks are becoming contenders as more options become available and we get better at fielding them; or at least Minos does, Greeks on the podium! Good work fella!

Best of all it was brilliant to see everyone again, a lot of new parents this year!

Another cracking day out!



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