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Posted: Monday, Dec 03, 2012 at 4:52 PM
Guys On Thursday night we had a great game at Game Empire in San Diego. We are getting ready for are new campaign which will start around the first of the year. The Campaign is going to be based on the board game Cyclades. The Olympians will be trying to recapture island in the Aegean Sea that have been conquer by the invaders. All Warbands will be legal to play, Titans, Olympians, Wendigo and of course Aegyptus.

Well so last night Wade played his Wendigo Warband and I played with my Mycenaean’s with a Demi-God of Apollo. We played 1250 point Warband’s with a Ka 2 Ice Witch and Demi-God. The scenario was for the Wendigo to poison the Oasis with a gourd carried by the Shaman.

On turn nine the Shaman and Ice Witch had been killed by the Demi-God of Apollo. And with no Wendigo character in range of the gourd, victory when to the Olympians.

With the new Olympus rules from Croc 7, I now feel that the Olympians have a better chance to win some games. In the past the Olympians have had a real problem trying to compete with the other Warbands. Always being way out numbered all the time. But with the points for Hoplites going down and the battle Honors for the Hoplites. I believe now the Olympians are a much improved Warband.

So guys play some games Wargods is the best game system out on the market.

Tony (Tjaroy)

Tjaroy the Fist of Ptah Champion of Sobek(SF05), Champion of Amun(TX05), Champion of Bast (TX05), Champion of Bast(SF06) Sasobek the Devouer of the Weak, Defender of Khepri (GenCon07), Champion of Ra(GenCon07)

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Posted: Monday, Dec 03, 2012 at 10:09 PM
One comment about a rules change we've made as a house rule...Frost maidens can be taken in smaller units than 6, and the Ice Witch can sacrifice more than just one of them. Otherwise they are not really worth the 30 pts per model that they are priced at.

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