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Helpful Information for New Players

Over the years our players have been instrumental in helping new players coming into the game, offering sound advice, answering questions and making newcomers feel welcome. We have compiled that information from the old forum into one place to make it even easier for our new players to find the help they need.

As always, if you have any questions that aren’t answered in this thread or in the frequently asked questions section of the forum, please do not hesitate to ask.

We would like to thank all our members for their help and support.

Active players are encouraged to post further tips & pointers that they feel will be useful to new players on this thread.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the game play?

A: “The WarGods "I initiate you initiate” system takes the "I go you go system" and makes it much more in depth. This system allows for a much more realistic version of the battlefield. It is a very tactical game that really wants to get into your opponents head.” -- Akori

“Each player issues orders to his units (command counters are provided in the rulebook and lots of variations can be downloaded off this site). Players roll for the edge. The winner of the edge then chooses a unit to activate. He may choose one of his own or one of his opponent's units. After that unit has activated your opponent gets his turn and chooses a unit to activate, again either his or yours. This is not a game you can walk away from while your opponent takes his turn, as the alternating activations keeps up the pace of the turn. Once all commands have been revealed, any routing units try to rally and the turn ends.” -- Heisler

All WarGods settings are designed to be fully compatible with one another. Although each setting will have its own unique rules and character types, the fundamental WarGods mechanics will remain the same. Therefore, armies from each WarGods setting will be able to battle against armies from every other setting. Mixed armies containing troops from multiple settings as allies will not be permitted.

For example: The Anubi and Spartans cannot ally but they can fight against each other.

Q: What do I need to play?

A: You will need the main rulebook to play and we recommend that you start with a Warband starter set for a smaller skirmish style game (around 500points). For a larger game, we recommend a Warband starter set and 2 or 3 additional units.

The Wendigo are a warband raiding party from the lands of Hyperborea. They have their own Warband guide book with contains the background information, stats and powers for the Wendigo, but you will still need to the main rulebook for the game rules.

Olympus is a work in progress, you can currently play both the Spartans and the Titans, both of whom have rule sets available for download. See Croc Tales 2 for the Titans rules. The Spartans rule set is available for download here – Spartan PDF (coming soon)

Q: What comes in a Warband starter set?

A: While each warband starter set is different, they usually come with a harbinger, a unit and the three or four additional characters, these typically include a master of words, a priest, and a hero, although the exact assortment is a little different in each set. Each warband starter set comes with a Limited edition figure, which is only available by purchasing the set.

To see all available Warband Starter Sets please click the link below –

Starter Sets

Q: How do I choose my army?

A: “Your first decision is to chose which race your Harbinger is going to be; Heru, Sebeki, Bast, Anubi, etc. Each race comes with its own advantages, you can check out the various Children of the Gods right here on the website.

Based on your Harbinger you must spend 50% of your points on that race and/or worshippers of the same god (i.e. city dwellers). The rest of your points can be spent on any other children of the gods that you want with a few restrictions, but for the most part, warband construction is pretty flexible. If you wish to have a warband made up entirely of one race feel free!

For each unit of the same race as the harbinger or worshipping the same god you may purchase up to 2 Character Options per unit, like champions, heroes, Master of Words, etc. Units of a different race allow you to purchase 1 Character Option of the same race as the unit.” -- Heisler

This lets you include some of the cool specialists from the other races in your warband like the To-Tanem Artifex, Heru Battle Sage, Typhon Assassin etc.

“In general, the minimum unit size is 10 warriors (melee or missile) except for the Sebeki which have a minimum of 6 figures.” -- Heisler

Current warband choices are as follows –

WarGods of Aegyptus –
Anubi --
Eater of the Dead
While you can add the Nekharu as allies, they have no harbinger.

WarGods of Hyperborea --

WarGods of Olympus --
**More choices coming soon**

Q: What about choosing Allies?

A: The chart below gives you a quick overview of which factions can ally within the WarGods of Ægyptus setting. For further details, please refer to the Warband Creation section of the main rulebook (pg 160).

The Wendigo will never ally with any faction from Ægyptus or Olympus.

The factions of Olympus will never ally with the Wendigo or the factions of Ægyptus.

Special thanks to Sandfly.


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« The Spartans rule set is available for download here – Spartan PDF (coming soon) » to update. ;-)

WarGods_Fr : Y!G | Blog | Photo Gallery
Map player locator T³

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