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Posted: Friday, Mar 23, 2012 at 11:36 PM
Here she is- I was thinking with some weapon conversion and some Ægyptian symbols on her. Make the ears and hair look like feathers too. But I like to convert a lot.


The Sundered Phalanges of Doom
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Posted: Saturday, Mar 24, 2012 at 12:13 PM
Anstpuppet said:
Thanks Alex, I appreciate it. A pity I was not around back in the Sebeki Crypt Lord days, or not paying attention if I was. I will likely order some things the next time I have spare cash. I love buying from boutique companies, your wares are interesting, and you seem like a good dude. I love the Pterro-man. Super cool stuff.
Awww, thanks, man.

The Sebeki Crypt Lord... yeah, that was fun. If I can think of something else cool to do, Tyson and I will make it happen. I'm kind of stuck for ideas at the moment, and most of my energy has gone into my own stuff. Maybe take a cool piece of artwork from one of the rulebooks and turn it into a miniature? Maybe an Ice Witch's throne, or a Wendigo hunter crouching, hidden, ready to ambush something? A couple of Wendigo kids, making a snowman with a skull for a head? A Spartan casualty, being carried home on his shield? A Sebeki reclining, sleepy, with an empty wine jug and a fishing pole? It'd have to be something that Croc is unlikely to make for itself, something useful as an objective counter or scenery piece but NOT as a necessary game piece, and then I'd have to get Fitz's approval. To save my sanity, we'd probably do the order fulfillment through the Croc's online store... organizing, packing, and mailing them took me a week of my life last time - and then more, as stragglers paid or bailed.

I think I might have an extra Sebeki Crypt Lord or two sitting in a box in my garage somewhere... I moved a few years ago, and I still have boxes and boxes that remain unsorted.

I've also considered putting the original green up for auction on Ebay to help fund the next Wargods fan-project... obviously, you wouldn't be allowed to make castings of it, but there might be a fan or two out there who'd think it's a neat collector's piece.

Anyways, enough musing. I'm glad that you like my stuff, Antspuppet - it's been really satisfying seeing some of my ideas turned into miniatures.

Back on topic - have you considered doing a head swap on a Harbinger of Bast? The Basti Harbinger looks amazing, and head swaps are simple to do & can look seamless if you are careful about it.

-Alex in Alaska

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Posted: Sunday, Mar 25, 2012 at 7:13 AM
It looks like the choice has been made, at least for the moment.. Based on sizes of the models involved this from Reaper has been tapped as harbinger. She will be backed by this Reaper fig and this Darksword model, who along with several Croc female figs will be the characters of this army.

And the Amazon Yolcameh from Freebooter and the Dark Elf Sorceress from Reaper will be purchased later for some project or another. Maybe a Dispossessed expansion once I have added worked on other armies.

I want to thank everyone for their help. It has been fun not only getting suggestions but seeing several people's tastes in minis.

Alex, let me know if you ever dig up one of those Sebeki Crypt Lords. I will gladly purchase it off of you ASAP. And thanks for the Basti idea. It might be something to put into the queue for later on down the line. Having choices in Harbingers is never a bad idea.

Karameikos Thanks for the suggestions from Celtos. I have only really looked at their undead stuff, so being reminded that they have other factions was certainly a good thing.

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