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Posted: Thursday, Feb 23, 2012 at 5:30 PM
Los and I finished another game. My titans vs his spartans. Victory goes to my titans. No provocation but artemis was killed by my harpies. On the injury table she suffered from a wounded eye. Also for the items, I rolled for the one thats equivalent to the amulet of bast, and he got the fire stand, forgot what it was called but he gets the disc test for animals that try to attack him.

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Posted: Friday, Apr 13, 2012 at 11:43 PM Edited on 2012-04-13 23:45:52.0
Ament Campaign Final at Kingdom-Con

You have been commanded to gather your Warband and march with all haste to the Valley of Natron. Once there you have been instructed to search out your fellow Harbingers of Ament and devise a battle plan to once and for all clear the Valley of the Eater’s. For without the precious Salt that the Valley provides. The Embalmers of Aegytpus cannot perform the embalming ritual for those who have perished and their Ka will wander the Tuat for eternity.

Well folks it is time for are Ament Campaign to end, are final will be held on Saturday at Kingdom-Con here in sunny San Diego.

If you have been following the Campaign thus far you know that the Nome of Ament has been plagued for years with foreign invaders. To the Northwest lies the Olympians Warbands of Sparta and Mycenae. The Southwest is being terrorized by Titans and Wendigo Warbands but are biggest threat is the Eater’s of the Dead.

The Warbands of Nehebkau the Rotten Soul, Khaba the "Wicked and Mbizi Gahiji r the Maul of Darkest have control of the whole Valley of Natron. The fearless Harbingers of Ament have pushed the Olympians back into the sea. And the Harbingers have been able to hold the Titans and the Wendigo in check for the most part.

But the Eater’s have resist all the efforts of the Ament Harbingers to recapture the Valley and now word as come from the priests that the Eater’s are planning one final ritual that will turn the valley into a desolate wasteland where only the Eater’s my exists.

So we should have six to seven of us playing on Saturday, it should be great. We will take a lot of pictures and we will write up a huge battle report for the up and coming Croc 8 ?

Thanks Tony

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