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Lord Erik
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Posted: Friday, Oct 04, 2019 at 1:30 AM Edited on 2019-10-04 01:34:55.0
Persephonie is missing. Again. Demeter rages and laments her misbehaving daughter. Winter comes early, crops fail and the Hellenes look towards a lean and hungry future.

Priests call out to Hades to return Persephonie, and to Demeter to re-balance the natural cycle. The city-states call out for great heroes to find and return Persephonie.

You gather your warband, seek the blessing of your city-states priests, and the wisdom of sages and the learned. You have a long journey before you. First you must find your way to the Underworld, then you must enter, seek out Persephonie, and return her to her mother.

If you succeed, your name will be known in all the city-states – for stealing away Hades bride is a heroic feat indeed. If you fail, you will never be heard from again … except by the other tortured, screaming souls in the depth of Tartarus.

This is a 2 day, 6 game, WarGods of Ægyptus tournament on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 January 2020 (Day 1 and Day 2 of CanCon 2020).

All warbands are welcome. While the theme is Olympian, Corinthian nobles hire Ægyptian mercenaries, the Wendigo are always seeking powerful women for there nameless god, and the Titans seek any opportunity for leverage over the Olympian Pantheon.

CanCon Entry
This tournament is for 6 to 16 players. The Tournament Organiser (TO) will have a bye warband to ensure everyone gets to play all 6 games.

Registration for this tournament closes on 11 January 2020. This is earlier than for some other tournaments. In previous years, where there was not enough players, having an early registration end date has allowed for people to enter other games.

Players can register online at Players are encouraged to register as early as possible. In the last few years registration have been closed early due to CanCon running out of space.

As of 4 October 2019, we have 5 registered players.

Awards and Prizes
Certificates will be awarded for 1st and 2nd overall, best sports and best painted. There will also be a 1st place trophy provided by Flying Goat Creations.

In order to minimise cost to players, there will not be any CanCon Dragon Trophies, or formal prizes.

List Submission
Final completed lists must be submitted by 15 January 2020 and should be submitted by email to

Lists can be submitted in 2 parts.
  • Firstly, you may submit the faction and deity of your warband’s leader, along with any models that have random elements. You do not need to state what equipment they will have.
  • --- The TO will then give you all the random powers or items for those models. You may then build the rest of your list given regard to the powers/items you already have.
  • You then submit your final list at a later date. Your final list must included the models in your original submission.
  • This approach allows the players to have a little bit more control over their list building. You will be able to build your warband, already knowing what powers and spells models will have.
  • --- Once you have been given your random powers, it is not acceptable to then decide to take a different list that does not include those models.
Warband Composition
The following warband compositions restrictions will apply.
  • 1750 point warband
  • Harbinger/Demigod/Overlord/Ice Witch may start at up to Ka 2 (paying the appropriate point cost).
  • Warbands may be selected from any Crocodile Games publication released before 1 January 2020. This includes:
  • --- WarGods of Ægyptus rulebook
  • --- Wendigo Warband Guide
  • --- Croc Tales (Olympian rules cannot be used if the Olympus rulebook as been released)
  • --- WarGods of Olympus rulebook (if released)
  • --- WarGods of Olympus draft rulebook (any draft or trial Olympian rules cannot be used if the final Olympian rulebook has been released).
  • Models must be WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) with the following exceptions.
  • --- Non Crocodile Games models are acceptable as long as they are clearly identifiable, and appropriate to the theme of the Warband and WarGods in general.
  • --- No models may be equipped with both heavy armour and a shield (of any type).
  • --- Javelins and throwing clubs do not have to be represented on models.
  • --- Armour may represent one class of armour up or down form what is represented on the model (paying the appropriate points cost. For example, a model in light armour can be used to represent no armour, light armour or medium armour; a model with no armour could represent no armour or light armour.
  • --- Shields carried by models can represent normal or large shields (paying the appropriate points cost).
  • --- Olympian Battle Honours do not need to represented on models as set out in the Olympian (currently trial) rules. However, any unit with Battle Honours must be clearly identifiable and different from other similar units, to both the owning player and their opponent. Tokens are an acceptable way to represent Battle Honours.
  • Starting Spells and Powers will be rolled by the TO. These Spells/Powers will be used for all games in the Tournament (not re-rolled before each game).
  • --- Powers gained during the game should be rolled at the end of the game and witnessed by your opponent or the TO.
  • --- If you do not have an appropriate models for a rolled Power, or already have that Power, take lowest numbered Power not yet gained instead.
  • Path. Warbands must declare whether their leader is Famous or Infamous. Eater of the Dead, Wendigo and Titan warbands are always Infamous. This must be listed when you submit your list and cannot be changed during the tournament. Path may be important for Olympian Warbands using a War Altar.

  • For more information or a copy of the Pre-Registration Players Pack, email

Lord Erik
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Posted: Friday, Oct 04, 2019 at 4:21 PM
CGS have advised that there are already 700 registrations for CanCon 2020, with a maximum of around 1000 players. If you want to play WarGods at CanCon 2020, you should register as soon as possible.

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Posted: Wednesday, Nov 27, 2019 at 6:01 AM
where do i submit my phase 1 list to again? is it

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Posted: Thursday, Nov 28, 2019 at 5:31 PM

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Posted: Tuesday, Jan 07, 2020 at 12:42 AM
took me a bit to get around to sending it, sent the whole thing, depending on harbinger ka powers I might change load out... (aspect here's hoping)

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