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The Creeping Darkness:

The Creeping Darkness moves in a straight line. It does not receive the optional 1" shift a unit of warriors are allowed when moving with an Advance Command.

The counter representing The Creeping Darkness may be placed anywhere within 1/2" of the Necromancer's base (but not touching it). Once the darkness is created, even the Necromancer who cast the spell is subject to its effects.

Other than the undead (as defined at the bottom of p. 207), only the To-tanem Stone Colossus is immune to The Creeping Darkness. Other models created by Harbinger Gifts (Anubis' Guardian Shadows, Isis' Phantom Warriors, creatures made by Khanum's Create Beasts, etc.) can be affected by the spell as normal.

Heartless Sacrifice:

Heartless Sacrifice can only be used on the Necromancer's own mummies, even in battles that feature more than one Eater of the Dead warband.

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