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Posted: Sunday, Aug 14, 2011 at 11:13 PM
While others in the cavern stared in disbelief, Shefdu Sootootma stayed focused. He again struck at Xerxes wounding the half titan yet again! Only this time Xerxes was no longer distracted trying to complete the ritual to raise his forefather.


Xerxes had enough and grabbed the tethru by the neck, hurling him into the lava pool where Kronos now resided. The father of the titans caught the poor aegyptian before fell into the molten pit. All but the other titans in the cavern could only watch in horror as Soototma was gorged on...


Akhom could hear Xerxes' diabolic laugh over the battle that raged around him, "HAHAHA! Yes Father, feast on these little fleshlings and their weak minions!" Akhom feared the worst adn as he continued to try and bring down the Overlord in front of him,he heard the sound of liquid rock splash about.

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Kronos, with the carcass of Shefdu in his hand, could wholly be seen.


The sight was terriblly magnificent. Even the towering overlord Thanatos was easily dwarfed by those the titans cal father. His size was so mammoth he began reaching for another unlucky harbinger or demigod to feast on. He cared not if they ad fought for the side of Order, or Choas. No doubt groggy from his thousand year imprisonment, he was unable to grab the Anubi or Set harbingers who fought in provocation off to his left.


Having finally bested the Overlord with much help, Akhom turned his attention towards the center of the cavern. He witnessed as a stony colossus charged into Xerxes. The slow moving automaton looked clumsy next to the sorceress titan.


As if kicking a rock down a path, Xerxes pushed the living statue into the molten rock. The poor thing slowly flailed for a second before sinking into the magma.

Having caught himself a mummy warrior, Kronos feasted on the bandaged rotting flesh on the undead corpse. This was too much for the mummy warrior's dark harbinger to bear and the once living basti carged into Xerxes back. Taken unawares the dark harbinger struck true.


Xerxes turned towards his traitor, "YOU INSOLENT LITTLE.." Xerxes words were cut short as the second pillar began to crack and buckle. Abasi's Benben feloow To-tanem harbinger has smashed the pillar hard, but only damaged it. "Enough! If you want o pay with your lives, so be it!" Xerxes proclaimed, "You may have won this day, but I shall have my revenge!" With that he disappeared into puff of dark cloudy smoke. Only Pandora's Box itself stood where he had disappeared.


Obsessed with feeding his agelessly empty belly, Kronos paid no attention to the powerful box that lay before him. Thanatos 'Devourer of the gods', second in command to Xerxes, made no such mistake and made for the box.

Just beyond Akhom's vision a deep voice could be heard, "BRING IT DOWN!!!" A flash of axure lightning could be seen striking the sole standing pillar. A second later sharp crackling sound was heard and rocky structure split in to tearing much of the ceiling down with it. Akhom saw Thanatos' outstretched but a foot away from the box when the top of the pillar and much of the ceiling connected to it smashed down atop the tian killing it. The, everything went black...

Gahiji awoke still in a dream state but he could once again see Akhom in front of him. Before the khemru had a chance to try and speak, the ghostly heru told him, "None survived my friend. Once the roof caved in all were buried along with that infernal box. Do not worry my friend all we have sacrificed was not in vain. Kronos is buried again. It may have taken the flattening over one of the largest mountains in the Olympian underworld and the deaths of many harbingers and demigods, but he is again imprisoned in Tartarus. I must return to Charon for he allowed us shades to visit our friend to deliver this message, as my counterpart has done to the Olympian Captain you saw earlier. Follow our Harbinger's final order, return to Aegyptus and as you do tell the world of the alliance formed and evil defeated here in this foreign land. This journey is at an end..."

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Posted: Monday, Aug 15, 2011 at 4:16 AM

Some things defy endless verbage, but I am totally gobsmacked.

Kudos to all concerned.

Off with the Pharoahs at the bottom of the garden ...

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Posted: Monday, Sep 26, 2011 at 6:53 AM
I liked. Also what is the kronos mini?

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Posted: Saturday, Oct 01, 2011 at 11:13 AM
You're crazy... It's actually an old figure from one of the Spawn lines, Chris couldn't remember exactly which one.


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