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Mystical Corrosion:

This spell will not affect light armor, natural armor or a chariot's base armor. It does effect shields and all other types of armor.

Unlike most spells, the effects of Mystical Corrosion remain in effect even after the sorcerer who cast it is killed.

Earth's Farewell:

You can enter melee with Earth's Farwell, but do not receive a charge bonus. If this spell is used to leave melee combat, follow all the rules found on page 55 entitled "Leaving Melee Combat."

Line of Sight is determined from the caster's Soaring height (6" off the ground), within the model's forward 180-degree arc. The model's facing does not change.

The caster may make a Swooping Attack on one model before entering melee with another (using the rules on p. 73), but that Swooping Attack counts against his total number of attacks for the round.

Spiky Ground:

When a chariot comes in contact with Spiky Ground, only the chariot itself is subject to the effects (as are chariot runners, if they enter the area of effect). The driver and passenger are not, unless the chariot is destroyed and the models must continue through the spikes on foot.

When a unit of warriors with more than one wound per model (Sebeki, Wendigo, etc.) spends multiple turns in an area affected by Spiky Ground, the wounds are allocated in the same manner as damage from melee combat (i.e., a warrior model that has already been wounded will be killed before another warrior model will take a wound).

(Additional rules for Spiky Ground can be found in the Rules Amendment PDF in the 'Downloads' section of the Croc website.)

Earth Tremor:

The description should read as follows:
The Master of Words utters a thundering Word of Power, while striking his staff to the ground, and causes a powerful quake which shudders the earth and shatters stones. If the target has an unplayed Command Counter, the Master of Words makes an Arcane Test against the target’s Discipline Rating. Success means the Command Counter is removed and the target loses its action for the Turn. If the target is a unit with no Command Counter, it must make a Discipline Save, or be Disordered. Earth Tremor does not affect a Character that has already taken its Activation Phase. This power cannot be used on targets engaged in melee combat, and has no effect on the To-tanem.
Test: Arcane vs. Discipline
Range: 12" line-of-sight
Duration: Instant
Cost: 3 Spell Points

A Fiery Aspect:

If the caster is the target of a successful passing or swooping attack, the spell works as normal; if the caster's Arcane Test is successful, the spell will lash out against the attacker. Immediately afterward, however, the attacker continues past the caster, and A Fiery Aspect will end, even though melee combat was never officially joined.

If the passing/swooping attack misses the caster, or the caster's Arcane Test fails against the passing/swooping attacker, the spell retains its original duration.

The wound caused by A Fiery Aspect cannot be avoided by an Armor Save. If the Arcane Test is successful, the magical fire inflicts the wound automatically.

Land's Favor/Land's Despite:

These spells only affect models in contact with the ground. Flyers, models under the effects of Vaporous Ground, and so forth are not affected.

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