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Posted: Thursday, Aug 11, 2011 at 4:31 PM
Photobucket The forces of Order and Chaos had gathered just on the other side of the River Styx. Each of the Order warbands looked across the battlefield with a heavy heart, for Charon the 'Ferryman' would not let them cross the river without the sacrifice of one of their own to him. Abasi Benben the 'Marble Anvil', 'Savior of Calydon' refused to ask for a volunteer. His men, and woman, has sacrificed too much to now ask them to also give up their life. Gahiji recalled what had happened next. Without hesitation Akhom the 'Selfless', Heru Captain of Abasi's Archers stepped forward, resting his palm on Abasi's shoulder, "My liege, it has been my greatest honor to serve you." The Heru then turned stepped into the Ferryman's boat. Instantaneously Gahiji found himself and his hunting jackals transported to dark field where a cave could be seen on the horizon, surrounded by two other forces. Outnumbered they stood no chance against the combined dark forces of Heru and Eater of the Dead. Gahiji could hear prayer chanting coming from the Anubi in the warband. He understood their prayers, they prayed Anubis petition his Olympian counterpart Hades to help the side of Order, or his world would be brought asunder. There Anubi went silent and for a second it seemed all hope was lost. Gahiji wtched for any sign from his jackals hoping their keen hearing could pick up on something he had missed. Their ears, the their heads turned to the left flank of the warband. Soon Gahiji heard the rustling as well, from afar Gahiji could make out a Tethru banner. A wry smile came across the khemru's face, the foreign god had answered Anubi's request, but it would seem Hades was unfamiliar with the uneasy relations between the ibis and jackal headed warriors.

Photobucket Abasi called to his men, "I have asked for your best, for you sweat, your blood, your pain. I am afraid I must again ask for all of this and more yet again. I give you my last command today. Bring down our enemy, distract them long enough for Agymahdofo and I to enter the cave. Once you have seen us disappear into its' darkness your service is complete, you need not sacrifice yourselves anymore. At that moment my last order to you is to return to your families, your wives and children. Leave this foreign land, return home and talk of how Aegyptian and Olympian stood united against the wave evil that threatened our world! Tell them of our defense of Calydon, Gahiji's fierce battle with the Boar, of the massive titan's we've slain and white cloaked Wendgio we've bested. Tell them of AKHOM!!!"

It had been weeks since the battle. Gahiji lay in his hammock staring up at the stars, surrounded by his resting jackals. He thought back to the last memory he had of Abasi and Agymahdofo. He and his jackals were tearing into a unit of archers when he saw Abasi, Agymahdofo, and the allied Tethru Harbinger rush by making for the cave's entrance. Over the sound of battle Gahiji heard Abasi's deep bellowing voice, "TO VICTORY MY KHEMRU FRIEND!" An instant later Gahhiji found himself and much of Abasi's warband in the woods they had camped the night before. Missing were those who had fallen in battle, Abasi, Agymahdofo, and the self sacrificing Akhom. There they waited into the night. When morning came many did as ordered by Abasi and began the long journey back to Aegyptus. Some, like Gahiji, searched for their fearless leader and missing Captains. They searched for days finding nothing. Gahiji's jackals never picked up a scent, nothing. On the seventh day they ran into a small force of Spartans. They too had been unable to find their Demigod and Captin who'd entered the cave. The two forces decided they'd rest for the night and maybe combined they would have better luck in the morning.

As Gahiji lay in his hammock looking at the same constellation he did from Aegyptus his mind wandered and the events that had occured before he fell into a much needed slumber. When Gahiji awoke he felt relaxed and calm. As he got up from his hammock he noticed his jackals were still sound asleep and none woke or even shifted as he walked by. The area where they had made camp seemed surrounded by a heavy mist. He saw one of the Spartan Captains, Helio, he'd met earlier that day walk past him and disappear into the mist. Gahiji heard a familiar voice behind, "Gahiji, my friend". Gahiji turned around to see a ghostly form of Akohm standing in front of him. "I'm glad you are well." Akhom spoke in an otherworldly tone. Gahiji tried to speak to Akhom, to ask, what had happened to Abasi, to Agymahdofo, but he found when he opened his mouth no words came out. "Do not fret my Khemru brother." the Heru apparition spoke. "Both are in a better place now." Akhom said, answering the question that Gahiji could not vocalize. Akhom went on to explain that after sacrificing himself Charon looked fondly upon him and those others of the Order warbands who had done the same. Knowing the destruction of his world also meant the death of him, Charon granted each temporary power as a physical being. In their shade form they could fight as they once had, but when they died they returned to spirit form and to Charon.

"Now my friend," Akhom stated, "Let me show you through my eyes what I saw once I met back up with Abasi and Agymahdofo in my shade form." With that Akhom glided towards Gahiji and before the Khemru could do more than to close hi eyes his spirit friend glided right into him.

Photobucket When Gahiji opened his eyes he was Akhom. He saw Abasi and Agymahdofo to his left, winded but very much alive. Right next to Abasi stood a massive Colossus.

At the center of the massive cavern was a set of stone stairs marked by two huge pillars that shot from the ground to sky high ceiling over head. The stairs led up to a huge molten fire pit that belched lava from its' opening. Next to that pit, at the top of the stairs a cloaked figure almost the size of a Titan Master could be seen holding what looked like a box in one hand.

Photobucket "Welcome FOOLS to your death! I Xerxes shall now open Pandora's Box and release my great forefather into the world to destroy all in his path!!! RISE, rise mighty imprisoned one!" As the titan spoke a hand larger than even a titan slave could be seen coming up through the lava.

Photobucket Xerxes continued his chanting, but his voice could only be heard in the background as another nearby Harbinger bellowed to Abasi, "Anvil! We must bring down those pillars! Whatever lies in wait beneath that liquid earth cannot possibly be stopped by just us."

Abasi turned to Agymahdofo and Akhom, "Slow the beast that rapidly approaches. I will bring down that pillar!" Before either of them had the chance to turn to face their Overlord opponent, they watched as Abasi ran towards the pillar raising his fist high in the air before bringing it crashing down into the cavern floor. A crack could be seen slicing towards the first pillar. Once there the pillar cracked and shifted buckling slightly from Abasi's attack and the weight of the ceiling.

Photobucket "NNNOOOOOOOO", yelled out Xerxes. "You will kill us all!!!"

Akhom and Agymahdofo did all they could to slow the winged behemoth they fought and though the beast was heavily wouded, the creature would not fall!

Photobucket Without concern for himself Abasi the 'Marble Anvil' could be seen charging for the closest pillar right into the ranks of two enemy Harbingers and a Titan Overlord! Again the To-Tanem Harbinger smashed the ground with his fist, but this time the pillar could not take the force of the blunt attack. It began cracking at its' center and seconds later tore away from ceiling. Its' upper part smashing to the ground partially on the stairs.

Photobucket Debris the size of boulders began to fall from the ceiling as the whole cavern's stability became compromised.

Xerxes turned his attention towards Abasi, motioning to his nearby Harbingers of Chaos that they deal with the stony harbinger menace. It was all the opportunity the 'Scroll Traveler' needed. Shefdu Sootootma spoke the words of power and flew into provocation with Xerxes himself! Akhom watched as they brave tethru's swings just barely missed Xerxes, but then, as if inspired by Thoth himslef Shefdu thrust his blade into the belly of half-titan.

"YOU SHALL PAY FOR YOUR INSOLENCE BIRD!", Xerxes yelled as he smashed his staff against Sootootma. The Harbinger survived the blow, but just.

Photobucket "Enough of this!" Xerxes proclaimed as he turned towards the pit and threw his claws in the air.

Akhom witnessed as a beast larger than anything he had ever seen or could ever imagine breached the lava pool letting out a roar that shook all within the cavern, 'I KRRROOONNNNOOOOOSSSSS AM NOW FRRREEEEE!!!"

Slayer of the Minotaur Lord of Knossos (S.D. '10), Savior of Calydon (S.D. '11)

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Posted: Thursday, Aug 11, 2011 at 5:16 PM
Those pics are much better than mine. Thanks!

I can't wait for the next part...


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Posted: Thursday, Aug 11, 2011 at 9:25 PM
Great photos, much better than ours as well!

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Posted: Thursday, Aug 11, 2011 at 9:49 PM
Wow, looks cool want to read more of the fluff you have thrown into it :)

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Posted: Friday, Aug 12, 2011 at 1:51 AM
Great job Akori! What a fantastic battle - am looking forward to the next part!

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Posted: Tuesday, Aug 16, 2011 at 11:06 PM
Agreed - very good quality photos! Thanks for posting them!

Anyone get any good pics of Pandora's box? That looks like a very cool little (scratch built?) item!

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