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Thunderous Command:

Thunderous Command works on all opposing models, except Harbingers and the undead.

An enemy unit forced to move (Advance, Fast Advance, Fall Back, etc.) by this power only has to move 1". It can move more if its owner wants it to.

The Harbinger of Osiris can force an enemy to Charge one of his units. The owner gets to pick which unit they will charge if there are multiple valid targets.

Thunderous Command can be used on an interrupt action such as a Counter-Charge or Set for Charge. The target unit is activated and its new Command is performed before the Charging unit makes contact.


Q: If a Harbinger of Osiris with Regeneration suffers his last 2 wounds at once (i.e. because of Strength of Set or some similar attack), can he Regenerate either one before he dies?

A: No. Once he's reduced to zero wounds in a single attack, he doesn't have the time to regenerate.


Q: Does the power Inspiration prevent a Skirmish unit from Routing if it unsuccessfully Evades?

A: No. A Skirmish unit must make a Discipline Save when it Evades. This is not a Rout Save.

Burning Brands:

Passing and swooping attacks do not make base-to-base contact, so they do not count as melee combat. Therefore, if the target of a passing/swooping attack is the beneficiary of Burning Brands, the benefits are not removed due to a passing/swooping attack made against them.

However, if the target is able to make a successful counter-attack (where allowed to do so), those benefits are lost.

If the model performing the passing/swooping attack is under the effects of Burning Brands, they will always lose those benefits following a successful passing/swooping attack.

The Sun's Fiery Fist:

If the target is in a unit and the pillar misses, it lands behind the entire unit (not just behind the targeted model).

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