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The Warband of Nakti Lisimba, Infamous Harbinger of Horus (Note: Nakti Lisimba can be assigned to Order or Chaos as needs be.)

Nakti Lisimba (Powerful Lion) Harbinger of Horus (Heru) @ 238 Pts Ka4; Infamous; Heavy Armor; Large Shield; Hand Weapon Shining Chariot; Peerless Tactics; Aspect of Horus – Defender; Piercing Shriek; Defy Fate; Fearless; Aura of Command; Leadership; Improved Stats: +1 Att, +1 Def, +1 Dis

Baruti Kenti (Teacher of the Leader) Heru Battle Sage @ 100 Pts Medium Armor; Staff; Master of Strategy

Benipé Tarik (Iron Warrior) Hero (Heru) @ 72 Pts Medium Armor; Large Shield; Spear; Leadership

Nizam Bomani (Disiplined Warriors) 10 Warrior (Heru) @ 250 Pts Medium Armor; Large Shield; Spear

Asim Sadiki (Protector of the Faithful) Champion (Heru) @ 43 Pts Medium Armor; Normal Shield; Hand Weapon; Bow; Leadership

Odji Luzige (the Wicked Locusts) 10 Warrior (Heru) @ 210 Pts Light Armor; Hand Weapon; Bow

Thabit Kenti (Strong Leader) Champion (Herakonpolis) @ 36 Pts Medium Armor; Large Shield; Spear; Leadership

Mdjai Madu (Soldiers of the People) 10 Warrior (Herakonpolis) @ 230 Pts Standard; Medium Armor; Large Shield; Spear

Sudi Mshai (Lucky Travelers) 10 Warrior (Herakonpolis) @ 190 Pts Bow

Donkor Knepf (Humble Spirit) Priest of Horus (Herakonpolis) @ [40] Pts Light Armor; Bow; Amulet of Horus Divine Inspiration; Sacred to the God; Leadership

Akhom Gahiji (Eagle Hunter) Warhawk Hero (Herakonpolis) @ 78 Pts Medium Armor; Two Hand Weapons; War-eagle @ 20 Pts

Unika Sefu (the Shining Swords) 10 Warhawks (Herakonpolis) @ 250 Pts Standard; Medium Armor; Two Hand Weapons

Nizam Thabit (Disiplined Hope) Master of Words (Heru) @ 103 Pts Light Armor; Hand Weapon A Favorable Gale; Earth's Farewell; Wind Gust; A Mystical Corrosion; Spiky Ground; Earth Tremor; The Land's Despite; Leadership

Total Warband Cost: 1775

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