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Disordered Units and Wrapping:

A unit that is Disordered and engaged in melee may not wrap around any opposing unit in subsequent rounds of combat.

Multiple Rout Conditions:

Q: If a unit charged in the rear takes 25% casualties from the attack, how many Rout Saves does it take?

A: One. You never take more than one Rout Save per activation.

Multiple Saves in a Single Attack:

Q: If a unit is charged in the Flank and takes 25% casualties, which does the unit take first, the Rout Save or the Discipline Save vs Disorder?

A: Discipline vs Disorder then the Rout Save.

Engaging a Routing Unit:

Q: What happens when a unit/model engages a Routing unit or model?

A: The Routing unit/model is removed. They are considered cut down and/or scattered by the attacking unit.

Rallying a Routing Unit:

Page 37 of the rulebook states that Routing units roll a Discipline Save in order to Rally, while page 61 calls for a Rout Save to Rally. The text on page 61 is correct: Rallying requires a Rout Save, with all applicable bonuses and penalties.

Taking Further Casualties While Routing:

If a Routing unit takes additional casualties while fleeing (due to missile fire, Spiky Ground, etc.), they do not make an additional Fast Advance retreat due solely to these new casualties. Once a unit is already Routing (having retreated at Fast Advance at least once), it will retreat at Fast Advance again only after failing to Rally during each Rally Phase.


On p. 61, the book states that a unit that Rallies "is immediately turned around to once again face its enemies." To clarify, the Rallied unit may be given any facing that its player wishes, though its formation remains the same as before it Routed.

Actions Possible for Disordered Units:

A Disordered unit may not attack or pursue a unit that breaks off a melee with them. Currently, the rules on page 34 say: "A Disordered unit cannot perform any action until it is successfully reformed with the Reform Command Counter, but may attack if engaged by an opponent." This is too vague, and could be interpreted that the Disordered unit can make attacks on fleeing models. To correct this, replace the previous sentence with: "A Disordered unit cannot perform any action until it is successfully reformed with the Reform Command Counter. If a Disordered model begins it's Activation Phase in base-contact with an enemy model, it must attack the enemy model instead of playing the Reform."

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