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Abomination (Devourer):

The Devourer Corruption allows the Abomination to consume any model on a 20mm or 25mm base (or anything smaller) but no larger than a 25mm base.

Abomination (Madness):

Undead creatures are immune to the effects of the Madness Corruption.


* Ghouls can be fielded in a unit from 10 to 12 models. (and technically, they can even be given a Standard Bearer and a Musician).
* Ghouls do not need to test for Hunger for their own casualties (dead Ghouls).
* Although Ghouls are not undead, they can still be used for the Necromancer spell Flesh of Acid.

Warband Creation:

An Eater of the Dead army is required to include a Necromancer, in addition to a Dark Harbinger.

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