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Shooting From a Chariot:

A passenger throwing a javelin or Khemru Throwing-clubs from a chariot is subjected to the speed of the chariot modifiers for a missile weapon, but not the Fire of Opportunity modifier.

A passenger using any other type of missile weapon from a chariot is subjected to the speed of the chariot modifiers for a missile weapon.

The Chariot is an exception to the way a unit normally fires, as the passenger has a 360 degree facing. To keep this simple, measure from the edge of the Passenger's base, not the Chariot's, when measuring range.

Chariots Charging the Rear of a Unit:

When a chariot charges the rear of a unit, the chariot, the driver and any passenger make their attacks with a +2 bonus to their attack ratings and the chariot, the driver and any passenger each receive one additional attack against the unit.

If the chariot has runners, the runners will only receive the +2 bonus and the extra attack(s) if they make contact with the unit during the same activation as the chariot. If the runners complete their charge in a subsequent activation they will only receive a +1 bonus to their attack rating.

Attacking a Chariot:

A chariot that is not engaged in combat in its front facing is permitted to move upon activation if it reveals a movement command counter. This is an exception to the rule that units engaged in melee ignore the order of their command counter upon activation and simply continue the melee. If the unit engaged with the chariot has an unplayed command counter when the chariot activates to move, the unit may immediately react to the moving chariot according to the rules for "Attacks on Retreating Models" (pg. 55). The unit may pursue the chariot, but only if the chariot ends its activation in the charge arc of the unit. If the unit elects to stand and attack the chariot before it moves, it receives no bonus to its Attack Rating for that attack as long as a passenger is still riding in the chariot.

Passengers Leaving a Chariot:

A Passenger mounted in a Chariot can detach -- his model is placed in base contact with any part of the Chariot's rear edge, facing any direction that the player chooses. The Character can then make an immediate Advance move in that same direction, obeying the normal rules for Advance (he may move in his forward 90 degree field).

Destroyed Chariots:

Q: Does a destroyed chariot provide cover? If so, and the wreck is represented (as suggested in the book) by the chariot model being turned on its side, is it therefore capable of providing Full Cover? What degree of cover do its horses provide?

A: The wreck is considered broken ground, but provides no cover. While the model looks rather large, a chariot is little more than two poles, two wheels, and a wicker basket. Once it is wrecked, it is destroyed, lying in a heap on the ground. It is not substantial enough to hide behind, but it is difficult to move through (someone may trip over it). Remove the horses from game play. It is assumed they are killed or their yokes break when the chariot is destroyed allowing them to gallop off the field.

Chariot Crew Equipment:

A chariot Driver may not be equipped with a shield. If a model equipped with a shield becomes the driver of a chariot, he may not gain the benefit of his shield during a turn in which the chariot is in motion.

Out of Control:

If a Chariot is Out of Control, but still has a driver on board, the Discipline Save to regain control occurs during the driver's Activation Phase. If the Save fails, the Chariot receives an immediate roll on the Out of Control table.

If Chariot is Out of Control and does not have a driver, it does not receive a Command Counter at all, and the roll on the Out of Control table occurs during the Rally Phase.

(Both of these rules are stated on p. 64 and p. 69 respectively, but the seeming contradiction confused some players.)


The text on p. 66 should read: "A Chariot cannot Breakthrough a unit that is two or more complete ranks deep."

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