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Posted: Friday, Aug 27, 2010 at 11:16 AM Edited on 2010-08-28 07:49:41.0
Missile Fire Against Individual Models:

On page 35 of the rules (and on the "Missile Test Modifiers" table on p. 57 ), there is a penalty of +1 to missile fire targeting a single character at Medium or Long Range. This penalty only applies to man-sized models (those on a 20mm or 25mm base).

Avoiding Small Obstacles:

Q: In Advance and Fast Advance it states that a character may "avoid small obstacles." What exactly is a small obstacle?

A: Anything that doesn't block the character's ability to end his movement in his original front 90 degree arc. If the obstacle blocks its entire front 90 degree arc, then he cannot move around it.

(Note that Flying characters are able to avoid small obstacles in the same manner as their earthbound counterparts.)

When "avoiding small obstacles" as described above, Characters cannot receive the benefits of a Charge against an opponent on the other side of the obstacle. The Character can move into contact with the opponent (thus initiating Melee), or perform a Passing or Swooping attack against the enemy, but neither is treated as a Charge.

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