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Honor Guard:

The Honor Guard are not characters, but rather form a "mini-unit" with the Demigod. As such, they neither generate nor take up a character slot.

The point cost is per Guard, and a Demigod may have a maximum of two.

The entire Honor Guard unit only makes a single intercept test per attack.

Regardless of which Demigod activates to initiate a Provocation, the Honor Guard is Detached immediately when the Demigods' bases make contact.

Phalanx Formation:

A Phalanx is arranged on the tabletop in the same manner as a Block Formation, but must be a minimum of 3 full ranks deep when formed (in addition to the other requirements listed in the Playtest Manual).

Phalanx's "Push Back" Ability:

Q: If an enemy unit is currently engaged from the side (by another unit) as well as the front (by the Phalanx), can the Phalanx still Push them Back?

A: Yes. The other units in contact are moved as well, maintaining their positions relative to the Pushed unit.


* Satyrs may only be led by a Satyr captain; no other Character may lead the unit.
* Satyrs should be considered Allies, and therefore generate only a single (Satyr) Character slot.
* Only one unit of Satyrs is allowed per warband.

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