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Posted: Wednesday, Dec 07, 2016 at 12:01 AM Edited on 2016-12-07 01:09:52.0
This is the page for Kickstarter Backers to post comments on the Demigod Powers chapter.

PLEASE keep comments constructive, what we are looking for are spelling and formatting errors and rules contradictions. If you spot any of these, please post below and I'll review them and get any corrections updated on the master document.

I'll post a link here to download the actual PDF, but you will be required to log in to your Kickstarter account to access it. Please do not share the download link on any public forum, this is for Backers only. Backers who pledged late by Paypal will need to have an email sent directly to them, if you are a Paypal backer and did not get yours, send me an email at osiris at crocodilegames dot com and I'll get a link sent to you.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter Update that contains the downloadable PDF:

Kickstarter Update #56



PS: A big thanks to Stuart Goodall and Craig Tannock for their help so far getting this document into the readable shape that it is in... THANKS, guys!

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Posted: Thursday, Dec 08, 2016 at 2:21 AM Edited on 2016-12-14 04:48:07.0
I'm very happy to see these, so I'll be looking through and marking where things could potentially be confusing

Some things will have clear intentions, but the interpretation could be clouded through creatively applying the rules...

One thing that I've noticed in most of these is that there is inconsistency in how bonuses and penalties to tests and saves are worded. In all cases penalties are described as -1 and bonuses as +1, but in some cases it is specified that this is applied to the rating, but not in others. Typically where it isn't mentioned is when talking about a penalty of -1 to a save (which if applied to the dice roll actually makes a save more likely to succeed). So, I propose that we either 1) have consistency in how things are worded, i.e. say '-1 penalty to the armour rating' and '+1 bonus to the armour rating', or 2) we have it defined elsewhere in the rules that penalties and bonuses to tests and saves are applied to the rating used for the test or save, not to the dice roll.

I realise that this can also be applied to the Aegyptus rules, and I have witnessed a discussion over the wording of a -1 penalty to a save, with one person arguing that it was -1 to the dice roll, so therefore they'd succeeded, when we know that this is no the intent.

Another point that affects all Gods: Gift of the Gods
These should all have consistent formatting for the titles - i.e. 'Gift of the Gods:' or 'Gift of the Gods -', not mixed...
Secondly - Can these be given to any Champion or Hero, including Mythical Creatures (such as Satyrs), or is it limited only to denizens of the Demigod's city-state?

I'll look at each deity separately, so there may be edits to each post as I see where there may be confusion between how powers interact with each other.

Apollo Power 2, Song of Defeat

  • If the Arcane Test is failed, the unit suffers only a - 1 to all Saves for the duration of the Turn. If the Arcane Test is successful, the unit suffers a penalty of - 1 to all Tests AND Saves it is required to make for the duration of the Turn.

  • Shouldn't a penalty to Saves be a +1 and the penalty to tests be -1? I know that we all know what this means, but it is inconsistent with the application of the rules.
    Perhaps wording it as a being a penalty to the rating used for tests and saves (as when a single rating iis affected) may be better?
    Apollo power 4, Divine Guidance
    Is the intention for the two options to be bullet points rather than justified? If not can this please be considered for ease of reading?

    Apollo power 6, Light of Helios
    I hate to say this, but we probably need to have all powers and spells that this negates listed in the description :-( So that means adding the Hecate power Nightfall to the list, and based on the description is Shroud of Darkness affected?

    Apollo power 8, Plague
    Another one where we're saying penalty of -1 to saves, when perhaps we should be saying penalty of -1 to discipline and armour ratings when making saves? Or Penalty of +1 to armour and discipline saves...

    Apollo power 9, Song of Orpheus
    One of my goats is named Orpheus...but otherwise, does enchant animals affect the Lions gained as part of the appropriate Basti Ka power? Or any other animals gained as a result of a Ka power?

    Apollo power 10, Silver lute
    Um...bonus of +1 to tests and saves, another one where the intention of positive or negative modifiers to tests and saves can be creatively misinterpreted by a rules lawyer...So a bonus of +1 to the rating used for tests and saves...

    next post, Ares.

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    Posted: Thursday, Dec 08, 2016 at 8:48 AM
    Well we are almost there. Cant wait for the book to finished. Keep up the good work Fitz and Oceanborn looking forward to your further post on this.

    Id rather be lucky than good.

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    Posted: Wednesday, Dec 14, 2016 at 3:49 AM
    Finally have time to get back to this


    Power 2 - Curse of Cowardice
    Simple thing, we have a double comma in 'power, brutality,, and anger'.
    Second thing, for consistencies sake should we say 'Rout saves at a penalty of -2 to their discipline rating.' rather than 'Rout saves at a penalty of -2.?

    Power 3 - crippling blow
    Should the sentence '...Defend Rating for the remainder of the battle in addition to the wound' have a comma between battle and in (i.e 'Defend Rating for the remainder of the battle, in addition to the wound')?

    Power 6 - Red revenge
    How does this interact with Demigod/Harbinger powers that give additional melee attacks - for example if you have two Demigods of Ares with this power can they potentially kill each other just through the effects of this power? Or, does the Sebeki bonus bite/tail attack generate the return attack? Also, does this mean that all attacks against a character with this power should be rolled individually?

    Power 7 - Sheild bash
    I know this is going to be a broken record, but we have a 'Defend save at a penalty of -2'. Should we add 'to their defend rating' to the end of that sentence?

    Power 10 - Gift of the Gods -Ghastly Helm
    Sorry, another one with the penalty of -1 to saves...
    Secondly, is it intended that any Champions or Heroes in the warband (including those in mythical units or from allies) can receive this, or only champions or heroes from the Demigod's city-state?

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    Posted: Wednesday, Dec 14, 2016 at 4:18 AM
    See first post about bonuses/penalties, I'm only going to put the word 'bonus' or 'penalty' in the assessment if I find this inconsistency in a power from now on rather than detailing it


    Power 2 - Hide

    Power 6 - Pure Heart
    Unfortunately I think that an absolute list of everything that applies may be required. Alternatively have the power affect only powers or spells that use the Discipline rating of the Demigod either as part of the effect or as part of the cost - just to keep it simple. This does stop it from affecting Veil of despair, but it is hard to know exactly which powers it does affect.

    Power 7 - Majestic steed
    The sentence 'The Stag cannot be targeted separately, and once the Demigoddess has lost 2 wounds, the Stag is considered to be killed and she continues the fight on foot.' could be broken down to 'The Stag cannot be targeted separately. Once the Demigoddess has lost 2 wounds the Stag is considered to be killed and she continues the fight on foot.' - i.e. splitting it into two sentences at the first comma - and it may read a bit more clearly.

    Power 8 - Fleet of Foot Penalty
    'Normally included' can probably be removed from the end of the description.

    Power 10 - Gift of the Gods: The Bow of the Huntress
    Firstly the structure of the title should be consistent with the Ares Gift of the Gods - i.e. have either 'Gift of the Gods:' OR 'Gift of the Gods -' for all Gift of the Gods powers. Who can be given the bow - all Heroes/Champions or only City-state denizens - e.g. Can the bow go to a Satyr champion?

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    Posted: Wednesday, Dec 14, 2016 at 4:30 AM

    Power 3 - Wisdom of the Owls
    Bonus and penalty

    Power 5 - Sword of Justice
    ' and my not be used' should be 'and may not be used'

    Power 6 - Call of Victory

    Power 7 - Mastery of Weapons
    I would expect that the model would use the weapon used to make the attack rather than a weapon of the Demigoddesses choosing, just from a background perspective. It also makes the most sense as in most cases a player is going to choose that weapon anyway (and according to the wording of this power you could technically strip a bow from an attacker, which doesn't make a lot of sense)
    Note at the end should probably say 'result of a disarm attempt' rather than 'result of a disarm result' for clarity

    Power 9 - Torment of the Furies

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    Posted: Wednesday, Dec 14, 2016 at 4:46 AM

    Power 1 - Olympian Vintage

    Power 3 - Dance of the Maenads

    Power 5 - Twice born in Battle
    Typically Demigods have 4 wounds, so it would probably make more sense to resurrect him with 4 rather than 5 wounds.

    Power 8 - Song of brawl and battle

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