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Harbingers Attached to Units:

Q: You have two harbingers attached to a unit. The two units Charge, putting the Harbingers in Provocation. The rules say the Harbingers are instantly Detached. What happens? Are the units pushed out of the way?

A: No. The Harbingers are instantly Detached, but they don't actually go anywhere. The units remain engaged. The two models effectively become a pillar of terrain around which the two units continue to fight. The Harbingers duel in the center of a mass melee, surrounded by their warriors. If one of the Harbingers die, then another model will fill the gap. Follow the normal rules for this, with the center spot occupied by the Standard or Musician, as appropriate.

If one of the two units Routs and the Provocation continues, the fleeing unit can move around the Provocation as described under "Fleeing From Battle" on p. 61.

Harbingers Attached to Units or Chariots:

Q: If a lone Harbinger enter Provocation with a Harbinger attached to a Chariot or unit, can that Chariot/unit be attacked by missile weapons?

A: Yes.

To Clarify: the lone harbinger (A) enters the provocation with harbinger (B) who is attached to a chariot or unit. Harbinger B immediately detaches from the unit or chariot. The unit or chariot is then free to do whatever they want or be attacked by missile weapons.

Losing the Provocation:

If the victorious Harbinger gains a point of Ka from the Provocation, the defeated Harbinger will lose a point of Ka, along with the associated Profile increase and the most recent Ka Gift gained.

Exception: The Aspect powers of Horus and Set are the last powers lost, in the transition between Ka 2 and Ka 1.

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