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Guidelines for posting new events --

Please limit your topics to one per event.

When setting up your event you should include the following important information at the top of your post:

1. Date and time of the event.
2. Location address. (including country)
3. Number of players allowed.
4. A contact person for the event and/or the camp-follower overseeing the event).
5. Website for further information.
6. A detailed event description, including all relevant game information (points values, specific rules & restrictions, etc).

Please note: In an effort to keep the forum running smoothly, all event posts will be deleted one month after the close of the event, so please keep your own backup for future reference.

Crocodile Games Sanctioned Events FAQ

Please read the following FAQ to find out more about Croc Sanctioned Events, if you have any questions that are not covered here please contact me directly at hecate @

Q: What is a ‘Croc Sanctioned Event’?
A: A Croc Sanctioned Event is a community event where anyone is welcome to participate. Tournaments are one example of an event that may be sanctioned by Crocodile Games as an official event.

Q: Are demonstration games classed as official events and eligible for the event miniature?
A: Unfortunately, no. Demonstration games are designed to encourage people to try the game. Not everyone who plays in a demonstration game will become part of the WarGods community.

Q: Why do I want my event to be an official event?
A: By running or taking an active part in an official croc event, you are entitled to a special limited edition Event Miniature!

Q: What is a Limited Edition Event Miniature?
A: A limited Edition Event Miniature is exactly what it claims to be. These miniatures are available free to all active participants of an official event. Each miniature is available for a limited time only.
[b]Official events are the only way to obtain one of these miniatures -- no exceptions.[/b]

Q: There is no event in my area, what can I do?
A: Why not organize one yourself? Get your friends to help you!

Q: I’m not a Camp Follower, how do I get a Camp Follower to oversee my event?
A: The best thing to do is to get on the forum and ask. Our Camp Followers love their games and try to make it to events where they can. If you would like to be considered for the camp follower program, please read our Camp-Follower FAQ for more information.

Q: Why do I need a Camp Follower anyway?
A: Unless you are a Camp Follower you will need a Camp Follower to oversee your event. Camp Followers are representatives of Crocodile Games and as such are responsible for the distribution of the Event Miniatures and any other duties that require an official capacity.

Q: I have set up my event, what now?
A: The first thing you should do is to advertise it on the forum. For an event to be successful, players need to know well in advance so that they can make travel plans to attend, paint their warbands, schedule time off work, etc. Last-minute events typically have poor turnout, and are seldom successful.

Once you have set up your event, you will need to send all details to us for sanctioning. You can do this by emailing Remember to let us know well in advance of your event. We require that ALL of the information about your event be sent to us at least 90 days (3 months) before the event.

This information includes:
1. Date and time of the event.
2. Location address.
3. A detailed event description, including all relevant game information (points values, specific rules & restrictions, etc).
4. Number of players allowed.
5. Number of players confirmed.
6. A contact person for the event (the camp-follower overseeing the event).

You and/or the designated contact person will be expected to follow any forum threads relating to your event on a daily basis, and answer any questions that potential players might have.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If we do not receive all of this information 90 days prior to the event, the event will not be considered for official status.

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