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Ashes of the Dead

Written by Tony Rodgers

Your most trusted Captain hurries to enter your Tent; you can tell by his expression that he carries grave news, “My Lord, your spy has returned and he brings news of the enemy’s movements. The Beasts are attacking and destroying all the nearby settlements." "Why do the monsters attack, are they consuming the villagers?"

"No great one, they are burning them alive in large fire pits. Once all of the villagers are destroyed the monsters are collecting their ashes in clay jars and then placing the jars into a large cart."

"Ready the warriors we march for the closest village. We must protect the people of Aegyptus from these foul creatures."

The Chaos faction is attempting to perform a mysterious ritual, which requires the ashes of hundreds of innocents. They have invaded a village and are burning all villagers that they can capture. After all the villagers are dead, the ash from the fire pits is collected and placed into a large Clay Jar. The Jar is then placed into a cart that is full of other Jars. The Chaos players must throw four groups of villages into the Fire Pit and protect the Cart. The Order Warband must rescue the villagers and capture the Cart of Ash before 12 turns.

Game Set-up
1. The village should consist of three small houses (about 4” by 4”) placed in the middle of the Chaos Player's long table edge. The Village should be set up within 18” of the center of the Chaos Player's table edge. The Houses should be formed into a closed “C”. See Map, buildings are in blue.
2. A Fire Pit is placed 10” in from the center of the Chaos Player's table edge surrounded by the Houses. See Map, Fire Pit is in red.
3. A Corral for the villagers, up to 6" x 6" is placed 8” away from the Fire Pit, outside of the Village. See Map, Corral is in yellow.
4. A Cart is placed 12” away from the Fire Pit, facing away from the Fire Pit, & outside of the village. See Map, Cart is in brown.
5. Take Four groups of four villagers each and place three groups in the Corral and one group in contact with one Chaos Character facing the Fire Pit. This Character must set-up half way between the Corral and Fire Pit. This character is the Chaos Warband's "Executioner". He is the only model allowed to lead villagers to the Fire Pit, and may not move faster than their Base Movement value while leading Villagers. If he is killed or engaged in melee, another "Executioner" is then selected by the Chaos Player. The Chaos Warband may never have more than one "Executioner" at a time.
6. The Chaos Warband may have one unit guarding the wagon or the Corral.
7. All remaining Chaos units and characters must be set-up facing the Fire Pit and within 4” of it. Any of these units begin the game disordered.
8. The Order Warband now deploys within 8” of their long table edge.

Special Rules 1. Villagers may never be attacked. They may only be killed by being thrown into the Fire Pit by the Executioner.
2. Any "Executioner" may take control of a group of 4 villagers by ending his activation in base-to-base contact with the Corral, or a unit of 4 villagers. Models leading villagers may not be targeted by missile attacks unless the model is Colossal. Models leading villagers may never move faster than their base Move Value, regardless of spells/etc. When the Executioner reaches either the Fire Pit or Corral, he does not need to be given a “Pull About” Command Counter to turn around on the following turn – he starts the new turn facing in the correct direction, having collected another group of captives or thrown his current group into flames, whichever is applicable. He knows his routine well, and can perform it without hesitation.
3. The Corral may not be targeted by missile weapons & blocks line of sight to any model other than Colossal models.
4. The Corral may be attacked and destroyed to free the Villagers. The Corral has a Structuring Rating of 5 and 3 wound points.
5. Once the Corral is destroyed any remaining groups of villagers are formed into Mob (they may only form Mob) & facing the direction of the Order Player's choosing. The Order Player may issue command counters to each group of Freed Villagers on the following command phase.
6. Freed Villagers may be given command counters and must head for Order Players table edge. Freed villagers in base to base with a Chaos unit, or character, may not be issued a command counter.
7. Any villagers moved onto the Fire Pit are burned to death immediately.
8. The Fire Pit may be extinguished with Cloudburst, Wind's Howl, and Lord of Storms. The fire in the pit is magical and has an Arcane Rating of 8. The caster must pass an Arcane Test against the Fire Pit. The fire may be started again by any character in base to base contact that passes an Arcane Save.
9. Cart: The cart is a simple wooden wagon pulled by 2 oxen, laden with a heavy load of Clay Jars. They have the same Profile and follow the same rules as a Chariot but with a movement of 4/8, and may not be attacked. Drivers & Passengers may be attacked as normal.

Sub-Plot: Helpful Servants
Hidden within one of the three building is a Helpful Servant that will assist a Order Warband during the rest of the Campaign. Once a character from the Order side enters any of the three buildings, make an Arcane Test against a Arcane Rating of 7. If the test is successful, roll on the Helpful Servant table below. If the test is failed the building contains no Helper and may not be searched again during the game. Each building may be searched only once, but only one of the buildings will have a Helpful Servant. The Helpful Servant may be assigned to any character (but not a Harbinger or Demigod) in the Warband following the game.

Note: If the Order Warband has already played this Scenario, do not use this Subplot again; roll on the Subplot table as normal.

Helpful Servant Table
Roll a d10 and consult this table:
1-2 Bes: May not be attacked and will follow behind the character within 4”. The character is granted the use one Defy Fate per game, usable only on his own Tests or Saves.
3-4 Cat Familiar: MOW may channel their spells through the cat and determine Line-of-sight and range from the Cat. The Cat can be targeted and attacked: it has a single wound, no armor, the same Defend Rating as the Sorcerer, and a movement rating of 6”.
5-6 Sacred Ibis: Priest with the attached Ibis have a +1 Disc rating if Ibis is within 4”. The Ibis can be targeted and attacked: it has a single wound, no armor, the same Defend Rating as the Priest, and a movement rating of 6”.
7-8 Baboon Servant: Character gets one extra Attack with an Attack Rating of 3 and DM 1, and enemies attacking the character are -1 to their Attack Rating. The Baboon can be targeted and attacked: it has a single wound, no armor, the same Defend Rating as the Character, and a movement rating of 6”.
9-10 Rack of Scrolls: MOW may cast any spell they know once during the game for no spell points.

Note: In future games players must have the appropriate model to gain the benefit of the Helpful Servant discovered above.

Renown Gains
1. Chaos Players gain +3 renown if all villagers are burned, +2 renown if 3 groups of Villages are burned.
2. Chaos Players gain +1 renown if the Order Warband does not control the Cart at the end of the game.
3. Order Players gain +1 renown for each group of villagers saved.
4. Order Players gain +2 renown if the Cart is moved off their table edge.
5. Order player gains +1 renown if in control of cart at the end of game, unless they concede the game.

Winning the Scenario
1. Chaos Player wins the game if three groups of villagers are destroyed.
2. Order player wins the game if two groups of villages are freed and the cart is controlled.
3. Game lasts 13 turns.

Reporting Requirements
1. At the end of the game the player controlling the cart must make an Arc test against the Jars with any surviving character. The Jars have a Arc rating of 6. Please be sure and include if this roll was passed or failed.
2. If the Order Warband finds a Helpful Servant please report what was found.

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