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Posted: Monday, Apr 11, 2016 at 10:27 AM Edited on 2016-04-11 10:29:17.0
Greetings All

Red Knight Games in Ramsgate, Kent 7pm 'til late...

Once again the mighty Mycenaeans will be tackling the Brutish Typhon this Tuesday.

Slightly mixed up from last week and the possibility of some extra combatants.

Get in touch if you're keen, you'll be most welcome.



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Posted: Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at 10:29 AM Edited on 2016-05-12 05:39:11.0
Here's a few images from our evening of fun!

We decided to pitch Mycenaeans and Typhon vs Anubi and Wendigo.

We modified the edge rolls slightly.

All players roll for the edge. Use the highest result from each side.

Worked a treat.

As it happens there was more than the usual level of pre-dust up banter meaning we did not conclude our battle. Must get started quicker next time.

Here's a summary and some pictures...

First off the Greeks War Altar earned another 3 defy fate rolls, just before a blizzard rolled in reducing line of sight. Clearly this enticed to snow beast as he appeared at the first opportunity!

The armies face up to each other on turn two...

Turn 2

You'll notice the Acropolis guard bravely squaring up to the phalanx in the centre and the big Wendigo charging through the woods!

One turn later and almost everybody is fighting!

turn 3

1. You'll notice the Necropolis guard in more or less the same position but there are a lot less of them, they charged in and straight back out again.

2. The DemiGod of Zeus and War Altar take on the Wendigo Chieftan.

3. The Anubi swordsmen charge the Greek slingers. The slingers pull a bit of a blinder and evade, setting themselves up to deliver a hail of slingstones on the following turn.

4. The Witch Master cast Spectral hand, denying the Anubi MoW a chance to cast his spell.

5. The Anubi Harb used a KA power to get behind the Greek archers.

6. The Nekharu fighting for the Anubi turn to face a trio of vultures summoned the previous turn, showing their flank to the Greek archers.

7. The Flesh hulk has got stuck into the wendigo (they did not survive).


8. The Nekharu fighting for the Typhon slam into a unit of Wendigo as the Snow Beast move inexorably closer!


As ever Thanks to Mike for hosting and Lee, Tony, Mike, Mike and Ash for playing so entertainingly.

Another fun game, must get cracking earlier on next time.



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