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Wrap Around:

Q:When can a Unit Can Wrap Around?

A: Wrapping occurs only in turns after the initial turn in which two enemy units first come into melee contact.

To clarify: Two units that come into melee contact will fight normally, each taking their turn at combat (if the "defender" still has an activation coming). This occurs either simultaneously (as in Charge/Counter-charge) or as each is activated.

Then, on the following turn (assuming no one has Routed), after new Command Counters are placed and the Edge is determined, a unit of warriors will, if it activates first, move to wrap around its opponent.

Two Hand Weapons:

Models equipped with Two Hand Weapons lose the +1 Def bonus against attacks to their Rear Arc.

Charging a Unit that has Wrapped Around:

Q: If a unit is wrapping, what happens when the wrapping models are charged by another enemy unit?

A: Attacks to the rear or flank of the individual wrapping models do not qualify as a Rear or Flank charge against the entire unit. Only if one or more models of the PARENT unit is contacted by the initial charge must the unit make a Discipline Save (in the case of a Flank charge) or Rout Save (in the case of a Rear charge).

Otherwise, rear or flank attacks against the individual wrapping models are conducted normally, and the Charging models do receive their normal bonuses against them (Rear: +2 Attack Rating, +1 # of Attacks, no shield; Flank: +2 Attack Rating). Remember, these bonuses are for the initial Charge Activation Phase only.

Note: Because casualties are always removed from the wrapped models first, a unit that has charged wrapping models may well find itself with no more models that it can fight after the first Turn or so.

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