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The announcement for the Calydonian Boar Hunt was hanging from a rotting beam near the dock.. Abasi and his men had been waiting near the isthmus of Corinth for their chartered trireme to take them back to their home of Aegyptus. They had come to this foreign land in hopes of adventure and riches. Though they had encountered and slain many a beast and foe alike, the riches were minimal and adventures no more exciting then those found in Aegyptus.

Abasi approached the local docksmen about this hunt. The docksmen informed him the Calydonian countryside had been cursed due to the Kings erroneous mistake of failing to pay tribute to the Goddes Artemis. His kingship now paid dearly for his mistake as Artemis sent out a monstrous boar to ravage the countryside of Calydon. Abasi questioned the docksmen as to how many of the local heroes had taken up the challenge and were traveling to Calydon to hunt such a prize. The docksmen replied he knew of very few for they too did not want to attract the wrath of the Goddess.

"We will see how powerful this 'goddess' truly is..." Abasi thought to himself.

Photobucket "Praise be to Ptah my fellow Men! For here we come to a foreign land to defeat its' foreign evils and what stands between us and GLORY? Between us and the HUNT?!?! None other than our own Aegyptian evil, that we have all sworn from birth to rid not just Aegyptus of, but all of the world we know as well. Let the EATER taste our steel!

Photobucket Abasi looked on as the enemy's Necromancer mistakenly came out of the shadows into plain view, it would be his last mistake. Ptahhotep and his "Hammer Throwers" unleashed a barrage of slings from afar that ended the evil sorcerer's day.

Photobucket Off to his warband's left flank Abasi could see as the Eater's hoard pressed on to breakthrough the flank. He yelled to Agymahdofo and his Anubi, "Hold the flank Captain!"

Photobucket The Anubi responded by letting loose a javelin that struck true into the belly of the oncoming Scarab Ogre.

Photobucket Seconds later the beast slammed into the unit of Anubi slaying one after another. The Anubi did all they could to slow the creature, but its' four clawed arms and nightmarish armor were too much for them.

Photobucket Abasi made for the black beast saying words of prayer to Ptah as he did. Upon his final word he lifted his sword to the sky and it lit with the blue azure power of the smith God himself. The Ogre might just as well have been a tiny scarab crunched beneath the marble stoned feet of Abasi.

Photobucket The "Marble Anvil" heard the word of provocation spoken in a wicked, yet oddly familiar voice! He turned and parried just as the Dark Harbinger's blade came down barely missing his skull. Though he could not get the upperhand on the walking dead man, Abasi knew his men were near victory. Even now he could see as his Artifex and To-tanem warriors slayed the last of the Eaters' Mummies.

The day belonged to him and his warband. "Not a bad start!", he thought. "Now, on the HUNT!"

Slayer of the Minotaur Lord of Knossos (S.D. '10), Savior of Calydon (S.D. '11)

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