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Labayu the Interloper Dark Harbinger Ka 1: Renown x: Darkfire Heavy Armor, Large Shield, Hand Weapon

Qebehsenuef Necromancer Heavy Robes, Doube-handed Weapon A Rotten Stench, A Dark Pall, The Creeping Darkness, The Eater's Tentacle, Armor of Carrion, Wall of Bones, Wings of the Night

Ebana the Bloodthirsty Crypt Lord Medium Armor, Death Blade

Tumilat Crypt Lord Medium Armor, Shield of the Vortex, Hand Weapon

Usertesen Abomination Scaled Hide, Serpent Tail, Hideous Countenance

Scarab Ogre

Kanofer Nekharu Champion Hand Weapon, Bow

10 Nekharu Bow

10 Warrior Mummies Medium Armor, Large Shield, Spear, Defiled Standard

11 Horde Mummies Noormal Shield, Hand Weapon, Defiled Standard

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