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Posted: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at 12:16 PM
The Pride of Maahes Lion Mane

Maahes the Lion of Bast Basti Harbinger, Ka 1 Ka Powers= Vitriolic Mocking Renown= 6 Medium Armor, Large Shield, Hand Weapon, Spear, Bow, Amulet of Amun Points = 148

Tathari -Feather Tongue Master of Words - Medium Armor, Dbl Hand Weapon Spells = Sulfurous Fissures, Arrows Ablaze, Earth’s Farewell, Mystical Corrosion, Spiky Ground, Earth Tremor, Land’s Favor Points = 106

Nathifa the Gifted Blade of Bast Blade Dancer Hard Save 5, Twin Blades Points = 50

Unas -Swift Bow Basti Hero- Medium Armor, Dbl Handed Weapon, Bow Points = 60

Tekenu the Wise Falcon Battle Saga- Medium Armor, Double Handed-Weapon Points = 100

Seba the Wind’s Arrow Asar Priest of Amun Medium Armor, Bow, Hand Weapon Points = 40

The Companions of Unas (11) Basti Warriors Medium Armor, Two Hand Weapon, Bow Points = 231

The Guardians of Truth (11) Asar Warriors Light Armor, Hand Weapon, Bow Standard, Musician points = 218

The Falcons of Light (12) Heru Warriors Medium Armor Large Shields, Two Hand Weapons, Standard, Musician Points = 100

Total Points= 1249


Wins= 1 Lost= 1

Total= 2

Tjaroy the Fist of Ptah Champion of Sobek(SF05), Champion of Amun(TX05), Champion of Bast (TX05), Champion of Bast(SF06) Sasobek the Devouer of the Weak, Defender of Khepri (GenCon07), Champion of Ra(GenCon07)

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