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from the scrolls of Mabukitoth-Re:

In my continued search for Sootootma to rid the land of his special evil I find myself reviewing the old bird's tales to me from when I sat at his knee soaking up all the knowledge and advice he would relay. One such tale has recently come to prominence in my memory because of reports from Ankhara- Kekooee Seshket, or the Black Quill. Two young Dark Harbingers dueled over which would possess this artifact Sootootma allegedly lost durign the Rise of Khepri. Even in his current debased state Shefdu would not unintentionally let such a prized possession slip from his grasp.

Young Shefdu the scribe was the object of ridicule amongst his fellow scribes. His obsessive research and double-copying skills were the main reason for the torment. To his fellow scribes he seemed to live in the libraries of Hermopolis. His studies of ancient scrolls, forgotten all but but the most meticulous librarians and specialists in the most obscure arcana, was a deep passion of the young Shefdu. These studies opened him to what would become his lifelong (and beyond) obsession with the Uraei Harbinger Hemati, Protectrix of the Lands. His studies also opened him to the existence of the Kekooee Seshket created during the Aten Heresy. Phasop, Scribe of Akhenaten, created 16 Black Quills to be distributed amongst the Scribes and Priests of Aten. The Quills were said to bring their bearers a measure of good luck, provide an aura of protection, and enhance their writings tenfold. Seven of the Quills were lost during the Heresy. The surviving 9 were scattered amongst private collections and the tombs of the fallen bearers. One of the Kekooee Seshket could be viewed by special permission in the collection of the Library of Forbidden Knowledge.

Shefdu tried to gain access to the Library of Forbidden knowledge many times before the Chief Librarian granted him an audience. The Chief Librarian was so taken by young Shefdu's knowledge and determination that Shefdu was invited to join the Library’s staff as a novice. Every chance he had, Shefdu would look at the Black Quill in the Library's collection, longing to take it up and write something to see if the tales were true. He managed to suppress the urge to simply take the Quill and turned his attention to reports of the supposed whereabouts of the other surviving Quills.

After reviewing all the scrolls he could find on the Kekooee Seshket, Shefdu decided the tomb of Guylanhi the Scribe was the most promising location of one of the Quills. When he arrived at the tomb he found it was guarded by Anubi Tomb Guardians. They denied him access even after he had explained the merits of his quest in extensive detail. This only served to make young Shefdu even more determined to enter the tomb. He observed the Anubi schedule and found several periods when none of the Guardians were present. After reviewing his notes one last time and collecting all the equipment he might need inside the tomb Shefdu made his move.

He would never tell exactly what took place in the tomb. There were dangers and traps which he obviously survived. Some of his comments imply an encounter with Guylanhi’s disembodied Ka took place, but this is merely an inference on my part. Whatever the circumstances of his investigation of the tomb, Shefdu emerged with the long-dead scribe’s Kekooee Seshket in his possession. The Anubi Guardians were furious but let him pass when Shefdu produced a scroll, allegedly from a prominent Embalmer, granting him access to the tomb. Although he would never directly admit it this forged scroll was most likely his first work written with the Black Quill.

All this took place before Shefdu became a Harbinger of Thoth, though it may have contributed to that transformation. The Kekooee Seshket was always with Shefdu from that time on. From the libraries of Hermopolis to the fields of battle, he carefully protected his prize. Only those he trusted most were ever allowed to use the Quill. I can attest to its mysterious power, having once been granted its use after my first battle as a Harbinger of Thoth.

Unofficial Rules for a Black Quill in a WarGods Warband

Kekooee Seshket or Black Quill (40 points)

These ancient artifacts from the dark days of the Aten Heresy are highly sought after by many throughout Ægyptus and beyond. They have become legendary among Masters of Words, Embalmers, and Witches who would all likely kill to possess one of these magic Quills. This ready market has led to many a Basti merchant selling fake “one-of-a-kind” Kekooee Seshket to the overeager. Buyer beware!

A Kekooee Seshket provides its bearer with a magical aura of protection. It also enhances their magical abilities and even their turn of phrase on and off the papyrus.

These magic items should be rare and limited to only one per warband (unless used as the basis for a campaign in which the objective is to collect as many of the Quills as you can). Only Characters who may carry equipment should bear a Quill. A character may only gain the effects of one Quill at a time.

- ARC +1 - AR 1 Hard (2 Hard against magical attacks- including Harbinger powers) - +2 Renown after each battle the bearer survives (+3 if the bearer is a Scribe)

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