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CBP3 said:
When ‘the Scroll Traveller‘ first discovered his ability to ‘walk the scrolls’ he found himself in the midst of the Pandora Crisis. His sense of duty to Ægyptus caused him to gather together a warband and lend this might to the Forces of Order. Several heroes and heroines from the scrolls called out to young Shefdu and he did his best to bring them forth as part of his warband.

Excerpts from Shefdu Sootootma’s Scrolls:

Young Seshat (Tethru Mistress of Words) Young Seshat, Arcanist of the Ancient Lore Archives, was my first recruit. As a young scribe I marvelled at tales of Seshat’s skills and exploits. Her use of the hekau became the standard by which all future Masters of Words would be measured. Her presence will greatly add to our success….

Sefkhet-Aabut the Polemicist (Tethru Heroine) I have always admired the dry sharp wit of Sefkhet-Aabut, the Polemicist. Also known as ‘the Poison Quill’ for her scathing criticisms of the conduct of the Anubi Harbinger An Abasi, Sefkhet’s skills were not limited to her writings. She was one of the last apprentices of the Swordmaster, Hoethet. Her martial skills with a pole-sword were as exceptional as her writings. Hoethet’s own writings mention how often she came close to besting the Master in their time together.

Kortosis the Impregnable (ToTanem Artifex) Kortosis the Impregnable was deemed an average Artifex until the events of the Babylonian Incursion of Lugalbanda of Uruk. The frontier post of Arish stood as the last obstacle between the Uruk hordes and their entry into Æyptus. The post commander looked to Kortosis for guidance in the coming battle. The Artifex immediately went to work designing and constructing defenses for the post that held up Lugalbanda’s horde for days. It was long enough for reinforcements to arrive and push the Babylonians back into their own lands.

Menthu Hathorhotep (Apis not-Beloved-of-SobeK) One of the Apis sons of Hathor, Menthu was a great hero of Ægyptus in the time of Osiris’ rule. Menthu’s most well-known adventure is the 5 Endeavors. To win the hand of the Sebeki Nomarch Gnarah’s daughter, Hesthuti, Menthu was tasked by the Nomarch with 5 Endeavors to prove his worthiness.

The first Endeavor was to kill the Red Ram, a vicious beast that caused havoc in the outskirts of Crocodiliopolis, and bring its meat back for a feast. This was an easy hunt for Menthu. He tracked the Red Ram for miles and found its lair. After a bloody struggle Menthu was victorious. Nomarch Gnarah was unpleasantly surprised by this success and reluctantly held a feast for Menthu.

The second Endeavor was to destroy the Nekharu Raiders who had been plaguing Crocodiliopolis for years. Menthu laid a trap for the Nekharu by organizing a false caravan to draw them in. During the battle he killed their leader and scattered the survivors to the four winds. Nomarch Gnarah was grateful but secretly displeased.

The third Endeavor was to bring some of the Obsidian Fruit of Punt to the Nomarch. The Obsidian Fruit groves are guarded by gargantuan serpents. Menthu decided to charge his way into the groves, throwing goats he had collected along the way at the serpents to keep them occupied. As the serpents feasted Menthu gathered three large baskets of the Obsidian Fruit and returned to the Nomarch unscathed by the serpents.

The fourth Endeavor was to capture one of the Babylonian Bulls of Heaven to be returned for a feast. Nomarch Gnarah was certain Menthu would fail in the Endeavor. For months Menthu travelled through the Babylonian lands seeking one of the Bulls of Heaven. Finally an old shepherd whom Menthu had shared a meal with told Menthu where a beautiful heifer that was sure to attract the attentions of a Bull of Heaven could be found. Menthu put the heifer in a valley and waited. Soon a magnificent giant bull entered the valley to investigate the heifer. Menthu struggled with the Bull of Heaven for three days, finally besting it late in the night of the third day. Nomarch Gnarah was furious when Menthu returned with the Bull of Heaven but held a feast for Menthu despie his anger.

For the fifth and final Endeavor Nomarch Gnarah believed he had devised the most impossible task for Menthu. He was to bring the headdress of Isis to Hesthuti to enhance her beauty for their wedding. After much consideration Menthu decided to approach Isis directly and ask for the headdress instead of devising some elaborate plan to attempt to steal it. Isis gladly gave him the headdress, understanding Menthu’s love for Hesthuti. But when Menthu returned to Crocodiliopolis with the headdress, he went into a rage when he discovered that Hesthuti had been married to a Sebeki Harbinger with whom her father had long been trying to form political ties. Menthu laid waste to the Nomarch’s palace and vowed never to love again.

Iodah the Hero of Kashik (Bes Hero) The Bes Hero, Iodah, is perhaps most well-known for his leadership of the routing army at the Kashik Oasis. Kashik Oasis is an important site to the Bes people; it is where Bes is believed to have recovered the staff of Ra from a spurned foreign goddess. The army had been formed under the Heru General Hakarathy to travel into the Western Desert and punish a band of Libyan marauders. But the marauders were much more organized and prepared than anyone could have guessed. Under the command of a Nekharu Witch Lord, the Libyans routed the army and relentlessly pursued the ragged remains back into Ægyptus. With General Hakarathy dead, Iodah managed to reform some of the army into a viable force and they made their stand at the Kashik Oasis. Iodah’s leadership managed to crush the Libyans and their Nekharu allies, protecting the Ægyptian frontiers from certain enslavement to foreign predation.


-Shefdu Sootootma ‘The Scroll Traveller’ Tethru Harbinger (double-handed weapon, hand weapon, bow, medium armor)

-Swordmasters of Hoethet, Thatched Roof School10 Tethru warriors (double-handed weapon, bow)

-Young Seshat Tethru Mistress of Words (double-handed weapon, light armor)

-Sefkhet Aabut ‘The Polemicist’ Tethru Heroine (polearm, bow, light armor)

-The Council of Minch 10 Bes {Asar} Warriors (spear, light armor)

-Iodah ‘Hero of Kashik’ Bes {Asar} Hero (double-handed weapon, bow, light armor)

-Kortosis’ Corps10 ToTanem Warriors (double-handed weapon)

-Kortosis ‘the Impregnable’ Artifex (2 items)

-Sons of Hesthuti 6 Sebeki Warriors (double-handed weapon)

-Menthu Hathorhotep {Apis/Beloved of Sobek”}

-‘Wenenut’s Pride’ Asar Chariot and Driver (hand weapon, light armor)

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