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Posted: Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 11:43 AM
All his life Sebak was the type to do whatever it took to get what he wanted. Only a select few were safe from his deception and ultimate plan to become all powerful and survive in the harsh red sands. He was a true warrior who would venture out into the wastelands just to find creators, monsters or people who were unlucky enough to die by his blade. His most trustworthy ally was his assassin brother Kabhsenuf. The 2 of them were a deadly duo when slaughtering in the hunt.

One evening while resting, after their latest slaughter, a hooded stranger strolled into their camp. Kabhsenuf was deep asleep but Sebak knew he could easily slay the stranger. Sebak clenched his blade and readied himself for the inevitable fight. The stranger however spoke in a soft friendly voice. “I have come to you, and you alone, to give you power that most can’t imagine and only a select are worthy of.” This has to be a trick to get me to lower my guard Sebak thought, so still clenching his blade, Sebak raised his shield and responded, “Why would a stranger, obviously not from these lands, come to me and offer me this power?” The stranger responded “I am here on behalf of your God, Set. We have seen you fight, and know of your character. There is no other worthy of this gift. A great darkness is coming that will destroy everything you know and you must play a part in defending this land. Even though you are cruel and ruthless, you must raise an army and fight alongside those you hate most. With this gift also comes the ability to manipulate the other races to join you. Your army will be diverse and of many races.” Sebak unknowingly eased his grip of his blade and his shield began to lower. He still did not trust this stranger but the lure of great power was irresistible to him. The stranger asked “Sebak, do you accept this gift from your god?” Sebak dropped his blade and his shield to his sides and said accepted. The stranger began speaking in a foreign language and Sebak began to feel a pain as if is insides were being ripped out and ignited. After what seemed like an eternity, Sebak fell to the ground and his vision blackened.

The next morning Kabhsenuf woke Sebak and informed him he had physically changed. Sebak stood up and upon inspecting himself realized he was bigger, stronger and faster. Sebak then said “It did happen. Set did give me the gift of great power.” Kabhsenuf, thinking his brother was messing with him, reached for a rock to through at him. Right before it left his hand, Sebak was enshrouded with a dark thick misty cloud. The assassin was deadly with his aim but due to the shroud he completely missed his brother. It was then Sebak knew his power. He put his hand on his brother’s shoulder and said “It is time for us to raise an army.”

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