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Dueling Scrolls Blog LINK

I started this blog to collect the battle reports and fluff bits and such from the Ankhara Campaign and the Horus vs Set Campaign. Shefdu Sootootma was my first proper harbinger with a backstory and everything- eventually being dubbed 'Chosen Scribe of Khepri' at the Second Battle of Ankhara. He remained a thread throughout the Horus vs Set Campaign when his former padawan, Mabukitoth-Re the Concise (later the Grudgebearer) came to the Ankhara region to try to find his former mentor. Their epic game of cat and mouse has spawned a lot of scrolls and they are now presented in one location for ease of review.

To start at the very beginning of it all GO HERE

But the story doesn't end there-- more will be revealed soon, including how young Shefdu became the Scroll Traveller and then the Scribe of the Dawn before the unfortunate Typhon ambush that led to him becoming a Dark Harbinger, the Scribe of Oblivion and eventually the powerful lieutenant of Khepri...


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