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***Updated 05/23/11***

Abasi Benben the "Marble Anvil", "Savior of Calydon"

Famous To-Tanem Harbinger, Ka 2

Ka Powers: Empower Weapon, Statue Transformation

Renown: 19

Hand Weapon x 2, Heavy Armor, Amulet of Ptah, Javelins, QuickSilver Sandals

Points: 164

"Warlock" Wosret To-Tanem Master of Words

Spells: Wall of Flames, Arrows Ablaze, Far Seeing Eyes, Sulfurous Fissures, Smoky Shield, A Fiery Aspect, Spiky Ground, The Land's Favor

Double Handed Weapon

Points: 102

Awan Adjo To-Tanem Artifex

Double Handed Weapon, Heavy Armor, Aegis of Protection

Points: 95

Agymahdofo Anubi Hero

Hand Weapon, Tusks of the Calydonian Boar, Javelins, Medium Armor

Points: 63

Ptahhotep Asar Priest of Ptah

Hand Weapon, Sling, Light Armor

Points: 36

Lapiziza Asar Priestess of Ptah

Sling, Light Armor

Points: 35

Gahiji the "Tracker" Khemru Beastmaster (Injured Right Arm)

Hand Weapon, Throwing Clubs, Medium Armor, Pelt of the Calydonian Boar

Points: 50

(10) To-Tanem Warriors

Standard, Hand Weapon, Normal Shield, Amulets of Ptah

Points: 210

(10) Anubi Warriors

Standard, Hand Weapon, Medium Armor, Large Shield

Points: 220

(10) Asar Warriors

Standard, Sling, Light Armor

Points: 160

(10) Khemru Warriors


Points: 120

(2) Jackals

Points: 20

Total Points: 1275

Wins = 4 Losses = 0 Ties = 0

Slayer of the Minotaur Lord of Knossos (S.D. '10), Savior of Calydon (S.D. '11)

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